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A mobile only game(Chrome only), and the second that I made so far (mostly it's just me experimenting stuff xD ). It uses javascript api to detect motion and move a ball through a maze. The maze is re-generated on every run. 

I use p2js for physics and on the devices that I tried out works pretty well.


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that was fun. Works just fine on iphone 5c.

Maybe some hazards here and there? Was a bit easy.

Otherwise. Good job. :)

I'm working on a maze generater using phaser right this moment.

Nice too see someone else accomplished the same feat.

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The game is now on Google play store :)

There have been some important changes to the finished game. My initial version had used p2 physics sprites for all of the collidable bodies that have made up the maze, however in the final version I ended up using csv tilemap and the performance improved by alot. I knew going in that p2 can't handle alot of bodies but with tilemap it runs very smooth. 

The visual lag is not from the p2 but from the scale.manager.

The examples that helped me the most were these two

I'm really happy with the result. TY PHASER. :)


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