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Welcome to firefighter "Krause"! It's a simple Jump’n’Run with currently 3 easy levels. You can play it with your keyboard or on your mobile with touch/gyro.

The game is decided for my 5 years old daughter, because she is really a big fan of the firefighters. "Krause" is the name of a firefighter of her first children's book of the fire-department. On the other side I'm a big fan of "Nikki & the robots" and this brought up the idea for this game. If you want, you can see this like a small tribute to Nikki. :)


Play Firefighter "Krause"

Here some infos:

  • Frameworks: threejs for graphics/webgl
  • Sound with Web Audio API (runs well on IOS)
  • Change the volume by touching in the top-right corner
  • Collision: first it will check the rect of an object. If it hits, it will calculate a pixel-collision in a hidden canvas.
  • Missing: fullscreen on mobile, a good solution for visibility (stop playing music)

I had much fun to create this game and I know that 3 levels are really not enough. There are still some ideas of moving platforms or deadly smoke in buildings ... any ideas??

I'm looking forward to get some feedback from you. How you or maybe your children like this game? I you have any questions I will answer!

Have much fun!




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Just a couple things about the desktop inputs:

Shift to jump is causing Windows to ask if I want to enable sticky keys and stuck my right arrow down once.
Pressing alt takes the focus off of the canvas as Firefox seems to think I want to use an alternative function and places focus on the top Menu bar.

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@Any_Key Shame on me! :) I didn't really test it on windows - I don't know why. So I download the virtual images from microsoft for IE11_WIN7 and EDGE14_WIN10 and check the key-problem. The result is, that I add a message that IE is not supported (no AudioContext) and I changed the keyboard for jumping (A,Q or 1) and extinguish fire (S,R or 2).

@1pixelarmy And now you can start the game by pressing ENTER. :)

Merry christmas and a happy new year!

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