Phaser Games made for Ludum Dare 37

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Ludum Dare 37 - Theme: One Room

(not sure if correct forum, but noticed there were a few past threads like this in Frameworks/Phaser). 

Ludumdare comp has concluded with the jam wrapping up shortly as well. Once again, for me, Phaser proved to be such a powerful tool for getting something done quick. I was able to concentrate on the game and graphics without the framework getting in the way. Thanks @rich !


I have attached a gif of my game below - Santa's one room



My submission game can be played here:



If you took part in Ludum Dare 37 and used Phaser, please share! 


Btw feel free to look at the source provided BUT it's a mess. Towards the end I just started throwing stuff in and my initial structure  kind of fell apart. I also skipped over all the build steps (no requirejs / browserify / etc - it was actually a refreshing change!).

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As its Phaser specific I reckon it's cool to live here, hopefully this thread will fill up!

If your game is finished, or, when you finish it, consider throwing it into the game showcase forum and just keep a quick stub to it here. (Technically its double posting but its celebrating a great achievement so I'm happy if everyone else is happy!)

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