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It's a pinned topic... and it doesn't seem to make a difference.  It's not "catching on"... hasn't for a couple years now.

Lots of topics are status:  "Ok, that will work, but I would love to hear more ideas"... and that doesn't fit the "solved" status.

Others... new users... add posts to the bottom of solved topics... and ideally... THAT should change the "solved" tag to... "solved+" or something.

It is easy for forum helpers to miss a new comment on a solved thread.

I dunno.  Some have suggested that a "mark thread as solved" button be available in the editor...  easily clickable by the thread starter who is writing a "hey, that worked great, thanks" final post.

The coders of Invision Community are not exactly "Here, asking what new features the users would like to have", are they?  *shrug*  But... maybe... we can write that "set status from list of choices-app" as a plugin... for this forum software.  Code it ourselves... maybe.  Or just beg the folks at Invision... to make it for us.  Offer beer.  :)

Your idea is a good idea, TL, imho.  Screen space?  ANY ideas to solve the solved issue... are good ideas. 

I think... whenever a thread author is adding a post... he/she gets a "set status" menu...  things like "open", "solved", in-discussion, stagnated, begging, etc.  Not sure.  Thoughts?


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