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Marking questions as solved


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:) Shouldn't we be designing our own forum software... where the forum is used... from WITHIN a BJS scene?  (ahem)

This ADT thing... this... advancedDynamicTexture... can we make a text editor/reader from that thing?

Is there ANY CHANCE... for iFrame on a plane?  :o  (unlikely)  But we ALL know that people will continue to ask-for webpage-on-a-plane. It's just a matter of time.

So then... hmm... the forum-message solution... can be "bound/binded" to a PG series... and in SOME cases... the message(s) plane(s)... AND the playgrounds involved in the discussion, are all there... in our new 3D forum.  They are "represented" by tokens... and lines/wires.  Drillable/clickable things... playgrounds bound-to discussions bound-to docs bound-to source code bound-to playgrounds.  :)  Bi-directional links!  Ted Nelson would be SO proud of us!

Right now, most of our "stuff" is in 2D, and we occasionally visit 3D to show an issue.

In the new system, most of our "stuff" would be in 3D, and we occasionally visit 2D to read or post a message.  But logging into the forum... would be putting you into a BJS scene.  Some Windows users can hold Windows key, and tap TAB... to see how 2d-in-3d "feels".  :)  MS has the right idea, and is starting to prepare us.  :)

I guess @NasimiAsl already thought about this... and built blog500 for something similar.  I don't know IF/HOW he planned to do a text reader/editor on a BJS plane/box, though.

But it seems to me... a text reader/editor on an ADT (advancedDynaTexture)... CAN be done.  Thoughts?  Wrong place/thread?  Use Wingnut Chronicles as-wanted.  Are we "ready" for a 3D forum?  hmm.  :)  Perhaps too soon, yet. 

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 i think about this forums  a lot   so this is result ( don't be make it fun :D  please )

in Step One we need make Question And Answer  Part (Not in  Member Area  ) in BabylonJs.Com

anyone ( without any login  ) can ask question in there and Administrator answer that if that have exact answer in BJS.com/faq or reference that ( for solve it in this forum this happen if we don't planed this in babylon js and need a new solution ) in external link

so basically we show the people correct answers in BJS Domain ( seo benefits ) and still have this community in here for any new stuff 

* i like to help make FAQ in BJS  






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  • 4 weeks later...

Wouldn't it be cooool... if ANYONE could "place" a happy "Is this solved?" sticker on any thread post, and that would send a notification to thread starter.

Then... the thread author could answer it... with a yes, or no.

If "yes", it automatically adds the "solved" (prefix) tag, and removes the "Is this solved?" sticker/image.  (might remove 'ongoing' tag, too. see below)

If "no", it ONLY removes the "Is this solved?" sticker (and perhaps offers to add a blue 'ongoing' prefix tag.)  ;)

Nice.  Then the forum police can run around issuing "is this solved?" citations, and pressuring people into rushed "solved" closures.  :D

Maybe this idea is a poor idea.  heh

Had we had this feature from the start, I calculate that The Wingnut Chronicles would have received about 861 "Is this solved?" stickers, by now.  :)

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On 7/28/2017 at 8:18 PM, Wingnut said:

if ANYONE could "place" a happy "Is this solved?" sticker on any thread post, and that would send a notification to thread starter

Ahh Wingy, but looking at my local test server, which has problems and fixes  by poster, there are names I have never see since there first couple of posts. Students maybe?

cheers, gryff :)

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  • 1 month later...

This is probably too clunky, but since you have to edit the post I added a line of code to make sure you are on the right edit page:

<a href="javascript: (function () { 
	var url = window.location.href;
	if(url.indexOf("?do=edit") == -1){ 
		location = window.location.href + "?do=edit";
		document.getElementById("elInput_topic_tags_dummyInput").value = "solved"; 

If you are not on the edit page, it takes you there and then you have to click again to add the "solved" tag.

@Pryme8 it currently isn't set up to submit the page.  Feel free to make any improvements.

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