How to win at PIXI.extras.BitmapText ?

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I'm trying to get bitmap fonts working, with little success. Now, the font that the pixi example uses, does work, e.g. - demo page -

Bit whatever I output myself, from as recommended here - - does not work, failing with - 

TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'BitmapText.fonts[].size')

So, I'm wondering, what exactly did they output the example font, desyrel.xml, from? I'm using the Mac exporter that they recommend. Maybe that actually doesn't work, and only the windows exporter works?

Um, kinda stuck. Any ideas? 

thanks, Tony

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4 hours ago, alex_h said:

There's an online bitmap font tool made in flash that is a bit easier to use

you could give that a try?

bmglyph is easy to use, but its output doesn't work ;) I might report this to pixi as their instructions are wrong.

But littera does work! Yay. Thanks for the link :)  

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I couldn't get bitmaps to work. I always got errors like `Uncaught Error: Texture Error: frame does not fit inside the base Texture dimensions: X: 54 + 0 = 54 > 1 and Y: 50 + 0 = 50 > 1`

I'm using the Arial  font (really simple). I'm using

  • I tried Pack Method 1 through 7
  • I tried just digits, just lowercase etc.
  • I tried different paddings
  • I tried different fontsizes
  • I tried different strokes
  • I tried different canvas sizes
  • I tried the same with bmglyph 

But none seem to work, what am I missing? 

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2 hours ago, adammarcwilliams said:

I had some similar problems with this yesterday so I wrote up the workflow I found to work step by step.

Hope this helps anyone else who finds this thread in the future.

Added to , and i'll ask owner of pixi-awesome to add there too

If you post it as separate thread, i'll pin it

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