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13 hours ago, Mythros said:

Because @satguru's demo is what I'm looking for.

@satguru I tried to figure out checking if the player is climbing up the slope & can't seem to figure it out. Here's my rendition :

Lines 298 - 312


oldposy = this.avatar.position.y;
	                    this.moveVector.copyFromFloats(0, -this.downDist, 0);
	                    posy = this.avatar.position.y;
	                    if ( posy > oldposy )
	                        console.log ( 'YAY!' );

wrong place to put the code. This code is executed when the av is falling down.



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20 hours ago, jerome said:

From the beginning of this post, I don't get why you don't use the BJS provided GroundMesh class what provides the ground altitude AND the ground normal at any coordinates (x, z) in the world ...

example :

what do you do if the mesh is not moving on ground. In my demo how would you handle moving on the planks?

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