Multiplayer game tutorial with Phaser, and Node.js part 1

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I wrote my very first blog post. It's a tutorial on how to create a multiplayer game with phaser in the client, and Node.js in the server:

The server uses Socket.io and Express.js.

Part 1:  http://gojasonyang.com/post/phaserMultiplayerGamePart1.html

It's for complete beginners who aren't familiar with Node.js and Phaser. I hope someone finds it useful if it's their first time working with Phaser and Node.js !!



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Some changes in my TypeScript version of code from this tutorial.

I solved my problem with background offset of a remote player.

I moved server scripts in src_server folder.

I changed build commands: 



For installation: npm install

For building the client: gulp client

For building the server: gulp server

For building the client and the server together: gulp

For running the server and the client: press "Server/Clint" button in Debug mode in VSCode



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