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It has been a while since our last post here!
MyGameBuilder was formed through a creative joining between the first versions of MyGameBuilder and MightyEditor. The main purpose of MyGameBuilder is to teach users game development in a collaborative manner, where more experienced developers can help others.
If you are completely new to the game development you can:

  •  Play games - we have some nice user made games!
  •  Play with the actormap engine, which doesn't require any coding experience to make a game.
  •  Fork game and alter it to make it your own. 
  •  Start taking guided lessons to learn programming basics, and even create a Phaser based game on your own,
  •  If you get stuck doing any of these things, there is usually somebody online who will be glad to help.
  •  After finishing the basic tutorials, there are some game related challenges to start practicing with.

Main parts of MyGameBuilder:
Graphic Editor - easily create your own pixel art, or import graphics here
Actor and ActorMap - are part of the ActorMap engine, which allows you to build game without coding.  It's as simple as assigning graphics to an actor, defining the Actor's behavior, and placing Actors on the ActorMaps to interact. Also, if you have used an earlier version of MyGameBuilder, you can import your game into the new version.
The Map Editor allows you to build maps for your games. It uses the TileMap format so you can convert your graphics into tiles, and put them on the map.You can also import TileMap in JSON format or load TileMap directly into a Phaser game.
The Sound Editor allows users to quickly create sound effects, like a coin pickup or a melee hit. There is also a music editor, which you can use to create background music for your game. Currently you can generate metal or 8 bit music, or import your own mp3 file.
With the Code Editor, there is no limit to what you can create. The Code editor has a beginner-friendly code mentor which will show information about keywords used in the programming. Also it has JSdoc support so users can describe functions with JSdoc comments, the code mentor will pick those up and show as help info. 
Code Editor supports full ES6 JavaScript syntax and will automatically pick-up imported modules and share their info with the code mentor.

The latest addition is our Hour of Code project: this is a gaming tutorial used in a worldwide classroom project that has users of any experience level program a dwarf character to complete game goals with basic JavaScript commands.
Check it out here:

And all of this is completely free!

It would be really nice if you could share your game developing experience when you were a beginner:

  • How did you begin?
  • Where did you get all the necessary information to build a game?


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