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OfficeGames project

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Hi people,

I'm glad to introduce you to my new project : OfficeGames.


Well ... 3D games for office computers (not only, though). As said in the text, there's only one game for now and it's not even finished.

I need your feedback and ideas to improve it and get it to the right direction.

So please let your opinions, comments, criticisms, wishes, whatever in this thread. I won't answer everyone but will read them all for sure.

Have fun ;)

[EDIT] FYI, my best score ever is 10200.

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REALLY nice, Jerome!  Congrats and well done.  I love the "random" of the targeting reticle.   It has a wonderful "Why did I have so much coffee this morning?  I got hand shakes!" -feel.  heh.

Enemy ship explosions are fantastic... the best I've seen in webGL.

I wonder what got all these guys... pissed at me?  Did I sleep with someone's wife/girlfriend?  Did I talk smack about their pets? 

If I push the "offer to buy shots of booze" button fast enough, can these guys be calmed and negotiated-with?  Do they need pot?  :)

Then again... "office games" are often unnecessarily combative.  :o   So, yeah, I guess "shoot first, ask for explanations later" is an apropos game theme.  heh 

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Well, I refactored an old project to get at least (almost) one first game to publish, even if it's not finished yet. 

Some other less combative will come. It's just the first step to provide something already running else the procrastination will always win and nothing will arise out from my coding attempts ;) 

The target platforms are explained in the site. The process to publish the games is not explained though but is simple : once a game is playable even not finished, it's published. Then it's improved and worked according to the user feedback if any... continuous improvement and fixing, you know.

[EDIT] Johnk helped me to write a correct english text, I'll publish it  next monday.

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