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[Complete] [Phaser] Twins Family

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Hi everyone,
Our name is Cirta Games, we are a development team, we are focusing right now on developing Html5 mobile games using Phaser. Our games work in desktop, tablet and all mobile devices.
In the last few months we have made many games, most of them are high-quality games, and sold many licences to many sponsors. In this period, we were active through our personal accounts in the Html5 Game Dev forums, but now we decided to put on feet the official account of our team here in this awesome and useful forums.
We will be publishing our games here in this forum from now on and we will be pleased to hear your feedback, suggestions or anything that can help us make better games in the future.
Here we go with our first game here in this forum:
Twins Family



The twins family is dispersed, help it to assemble again.

Tap on the blank between twins to assemble them.

Assemble the twins on the star to get it.



post-8317-0-20681700-1400187413.jpg     post-8317-0-04656000-1400187414.jpg     post-8317-0-17308900-1400187415.jpg
We hope you will enjoy playing our game and, as we said above, any feedback or suggestion is welcomed :)

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