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Let's talk about portrait VS landscape games?

My first game was developed for landscape view, and it looks nice in tablets, PCs and most Android devices. However, iOS 7.0 Safari's restrictions with the address bar was very annoying... And "minimal-ui" deprecation in the latest iOS 8 beta is scaring my again.

It's not easy make a portrait game looks "beautiful" in a PC/tablet, and some sponsors want that our HTML5 games look professional in every platform.

I'm creating a portrait view of my game Square Puzzle only for phones and maintaining the landscape view for tablets/PCs, but is a very time consuming work...

What do you think about this problem? It worth create a casual game with two views (landscape+portrait) in order to increase chances of making a sale?

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There are several options.

1. Some people do this annoying "please rotate your device" crap which imo no one should do.

2. You could design your game for either landscape or portrait and if the orientation doesn't match simple rotate the whole game canvas by 90 degree. That's what I usually do.

3. You design 2 views.

4. You positionate everything relative and try to design your assets in a way that they would fit on either view.

If it's worth to design multiple views? Well, it simply depends on the offer.

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1.I prefer to use same orientation for desktop and mobile. 

2.In my opinion, its not worth it because its not the main concern for publisher buying your game. Better waste your time to increase the quality and maintain the performance of the game :) .


Just my 2 cents anyway  ;) .

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