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The game showcase forum can be used to let other developers know about your game that you created, or are currently about to create.

If you are posting a not yet finished game, please prefix the title with something like "WIP" to let people know about it.


For example: [WIP] My first puzzle game


You should include the following information in your post:


  • One (or more) screenshot/s (at best about 800x600 px - remember that very big big pictures may take a long time to load)
  • A short description of your game
  • The link to the game (obvious, huh?)
  • Maybe a link to the games website with more details, or a blog


Feel free to make the description longer and ask for specific feedback there to start a discussion with the folks here that goes beyond "Looks cool" or "very nice game".


I recommend you to add your screenshot(s) as direct attachments to your post, so you don't need to host them anywhere else where they might get lost.

After you added a attachment (live upload is possible while you are writing your post), you have a little "Add to post"-button at the right side which enables you to display attached images directly inside the post.


When you have included the information I listed above into your post, chances are very high that rich will tweet about your post with his twitter account that has a few thousand followers already, so stick to that list if you want promotion ;)


If you have more questions, just post it here in this thread.


I even have digged out a good example of how a post in this board should look like.


And now, have fun building HTML5 games! :D




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Phew, always depends on the gif. Those things tend to get very big in size very quickly.

If you want to make a longer gameplay demonstration, it might be better to screen-record it and upload it on youtube.

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Is HTML5 games only allowed? I notice someone posted a Android JAVA game and no it wasn't HTML5 wrapped in cocoon/phonegap.

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I have a first prototype of a game that is actually old procedural PHP/MySQL/Javascript and old HTML4 with just a dash of 5 and nothing deprecated.

It should probably be rewritten from scratch after any playtest mods are done.

Is this a suitable item - it was designed for a 1280x720 or better display but can use browser zoom controls to adjust somewhat.


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