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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Im Tomy owner of http://kiz10.com and http://m.kiz10.com I need games in HTML5, buy to Developers with good games, fos non-exclusive, pirmary or Exclusive licences, if is possible with API includes for scores and achievements for version desktop Let me know please PS: My mail is tomy.kiz10@gmail.com Kind Regards Tomy Kiz10.com sirg_kiz10 (api).rar
  2. Hello guys, So, I'm trying to implement the Google Play Services inside my game for the players challenge their friends with leaderboards scores and achievements. As I'm using Cordova, I have two ways: plugins or javascript libs. The first one is really old and limited, besides it not work well. And in the other hand we have the JS library of Google Web (REST) that you can find here https://developers.google.com/api-client-library/javascript/start/start-js and here https://developers.google.com/games/services/web/clientsetup. So, I'd tested both and the second is more interesting and comp
  3. Hello everyone, in my spare time project I'm actually developing a HTML5/JS platform game using the genius Phaser framework. I wanted to add a high score system which works in the cloud, so that players can compete against each other. I evaluated the most relevant game services API's from Google and Apple. The problem is that you have to pay for them and that might not be appropriate for a small game. So I tried to do my own implementation using the lovely parse.com service which has the following features: Manage players (Users) Player specific highscores Track players game time Manage a
  4. Hello, We've created a new rewards solution that provides a value-added feature to personalize the user experience, thus help engage and retain players for longer, more frequent play sessions. MyBeanJar (MBJ) delivers targeted mobile coupons for game achievements and loyalty, which are saved in a mobile wallet allowing them to be redeemed at the right time & place. The coupons are for relevant real and virtual goods, based on each player's unique preferences and location. For example, by beating a level a player could win a free drink at Starbucks, or a power up from a new game, credite
  5. Figured this would be a good place to post this. I'm one of the co-founders of Clay.io, a platform for HTML5 games. We primarily help with two things for developers: Distribution In addition to our own marketplace, we also make it much easier to get your games on many other marketplaces with much less effort. Each marketplace has its own requirements (SSL for Facebook, manifest files for the Windows App Store, Chrome Web Store, Mozilla Marketplace) - all of which Clay.io takes care of for you. We'll even tell you which marketplace is performing best for your games. Documentation can be
  6. Hello guys, just a bit of backstory before I begin, I'm 17 and trying to prove to my parents that a career in game development is a real profession so I hope this goes well! Anyway, here is Killer Freaks. KILLER FREAKS Killer Freaks is a fun action arcade game whereby the protagonist uses a slingshot to keep themselves safe from the Freaks! The game features in-game achievements and in-game statistics. It has a fun game mechanic and I believe it's worth your time to try it out. I believe the game should do most of the talking though. I understand that the game is in need of some polishing b
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