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Found 3 results

  1. hi guys, Is there a way to load 2D-resources as spritesheet in BABYLON, and I can take the frame I want by alias(frame_1.png or frame_2.png)? or if I need to do it myself, where can I set the attributes like clipX, clipY get the part of image I want {"frames": { "frame_1.png": { "frame": {"x":1,"y":1417,"w":93,"h":102}, "rotated": false, "trimmed": true, "spriteSourceSize": {"x":5,"y":0,"w":93,"h":102}, "sourceSize": {"w":98,"h":102} }, "frame_2.png": { "frame": {"x":311,"y":1187,"w":84,"h":102}, "rotated": false, "trimmed": true, "spriteSourceSize": {"x":13,"y":0,"w":84,"h":102}, "sourceSize": {"w":98,"h":102} }}, "meta": { "app": "", "version": "1.0", "image": "sprite_sheet.png", "format": "RGBA8888", "size": {"w":1922,"h":1555}, "scale": "1", "smartupdate": } }
  2. I'm trying to use Phaser (2.6.2) to mask an image. I need a circle, but the circle drawn has very jagged edges. How can I get a smoother circle? I've tried `drawArc`, `drawCircle`, and drawing a smaller circle but scaling up (for intentional scaling artifacts) Pasting this into illustrates it pretty clearly function create() { var game = var graphics2 =, 0); graphics2.beginFill(0x0000FF, 1) graphics2.drawCircle(0, 0, 100) graphics2.scale.set(12) var graphics =, 0); graphics.beginFill(0x00FF00, 1) graphics.arc(0, 0, 500, game.math.degToRad(0), game.math.degToRad(360), false); graphics.beginFill(0xFF0000, 1); graphics.drawCircle(0, 0, 800); }
  3. This topic seems to be mentioned a lot on these forums: Now I have similar question. Originally I started out by having this set to true to ensure I had crisp textures. But I added some slow-moving clouds to my background and this caused them to jitter, obviously they're move so slowly that when their position was rounded, it caused movement that was larger than it should have been Is there a way I can allow certain sprites to be rendered at sub-pixel values (and be aliased) while the rest follow the global game.renderer.renderSession.roundPixels = true ?