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Found 4 results

  1. Hey all - I'm new to Phaser and I have been searching for days on how to make a sword attack like in older Zelda games. I have it to where I can play the attack animation upon hitting the spacebar, but then I have no idea how to get the sprite back to the idle animation. Could anyone point me in the right direction as to how I might go about learning to do this? Thanks!
  2. Hi, i want to create a combo attack just like in tekken game, basically changing frames when the player press the next key within a specific span of time, i tried the following but still not manage it work. Any help is appreciated. if (this.melee.isDown) { meleeFrameStart = 16;5 meleeFrameEnd = 23; if (this.melee.upDuration(1000)) { if (gokussgod.frame < meleeFrameEnd) { gokussgod.frame = gokussgod.frame++; } else { gokussgod.frame = meleeFrameStart; } } else { gokussgod.frame = meleeFrameStart; } }
  3. Hello everyone, I need your help , i try create a "rpg game" . I want use the left click (mouse1) for auto atk with my hero. my code: create: function(){ this.player.animations.add('atk', [529, 532, 535, 538, 541], 10, true); } update: function(){ if(game.input.activePointer.isDown){ this.player.animations.play('atk'); } with this code i need to keep my left click to push for see the action. And i want just to push 1 time. Sorry my english is very bad.
  4. Hello! I am very new to game development and to JavaScript too. I made a Flappy Birds inspired game, but instead of pipes you have to avoid missiles with a helicopter. You can use the ground and the ceiling to bounce of if you have to move faster. Controls: SPACE to start or restart the gameMouse click to go up a little Screenshot: On the website you can find another simple games. Every comment is welcome. I know the game is simple, but I had fun time to create it Play the game here.
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