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Found 9 results

  1. Hi guys! I wanted to share a game with you guys that I’ve been working on. While I’m aiming to make it cross-platform, a bulk of the work (including the editor) has been done in HTML5. The game I’m working on is called “Be the Guy!”, and it’s essentially a parody (in some aspects) of A Link to the Past. Instead of a sword, you’ll have a baseball bat. Instead of a shield, you’ll have a trash can lid. It’s not Princess Zelda that needs saving, it’s just Princess. See where this is going? I plan on posting a link to a demo fairly soon, and I go into more detail in my dev log, but I just wanted to share this project with you all. Talk to you all again soon IMG_6746.MOV
  2. So lets say I want to make a pokemon game, how would I split my code into different files? My guess is, that you would make a scene for each area of the map (routes, cities, buildings), but how would you keep the same player code for each scene? Could someone show me an example of a big Phaser 3 game, with Levels or a big map, so I can copy the structure? Thanks in advance
  3. Let me start by saying I am not a programmer, I have a project I am trying to get started and I need some one or a team, that can make very simple game in construct or rpg maker.
  4. Hey all - I'm new to Phaser and I have been searching for days on how to make a sword attack like in older Zelda games. I have it to where I can play the attack animation upon hitting the spacebar, but then I have no idea how to get the sprite back to the idle animation. Could anyone point me in the right direction as to how I might go about learning to do this? Thanks!
  5. GAME COMPETITION On 1st August at exactly midnight UTC we will be doing a complete wipe of all users for a new update. The for the Users who reach to level 70 first we will be awarding them a cash prize via PayPal. Entrance is absolutely free. 1st. $100 USD 2nd and 3rd: $50 USD You may play on a shared account however we will not be held responsible if items go missing etc. Cheating in-game will not be tolerated for this competition and fair play rules will be in-place. You may ask why we are running this competition. Well there is a couple reasons, for one we want to stress test the server under a higher load than just a few players. We also want people who have never played the game to get a feel for it and hopefully become long-term players. If your not familiar with the game start playing now to get a feel for the mechanics, however the update may change a few things at our discretion. Happy gaming everyone!! [Beta] MaEarth Platforms: Browser/Android Game checkout Google Play Store . Game Link: http://www.maearth.com Description: Retro-based overhead 2D tile based MMORPG. Original based off Browser Quest, the source of Airasky and Tap Tap Adventure. MaEarth puts you in a world full of monsters roaming the lands where users level up, quest by hunting specific monster and collect/buy weapons and armor. The PvP Server the monsters are stronger and you are pitted against the other side of players. It is weighted and auto selects which side you are on for balanced PvP play. Forums: http://maearth.com/forums Will put up some Screenshots soon. Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVc71mr8WP4&t=27s
  6. embracethebunny.org is an experimental website being built with the vision of allowing people to create and share their own 2D adventures with the world. Basically, what i'm going for is the ability for people to create simple point-and-click adventures by just visiting the site and using the site's web interface, without having to learn any coding. Just share a link with other people to share your adventure. Built-in multiplayer support would be there as well, so people could just drop-in/drop-out with ease. Right now it's just a rough POC. You can't do much with it other than create glorified chat rooms. Here's a test thing i created using the site (it's a little homage to Legend of Zelda): https://www.embracethebunny.org/main/10223ce6-281b-4aee-95d2-b5644fd70b38/poc-1/sandbox You can poke around the environment anonymously just by visiting the link. As a guest can create your own Link avatar and chat with anyone else visiting at the same time. Creating an account will persist your avatar between visits (admittedly not very useful at this point). I created the whole environment using the website admin tool. Video showing the current admin interface: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePolUmEN91E. Site uses HTML5 and web sockets. Any feedback is welcome. Thanks!
  7. Hey everyone. Lately I've been screwing around with a Zelda-like room system and I wanted to see how others would tackle it using Phaser. Right now I just have a Tiled tilemap that has 2 layers, one for the background and one for collisions, and a player sprite. On update() I check the players position and set the cameras target position to match the bounds of the "room" the player is in and the camera slides over into place, very similar to the 2d Zelda games like the originial Zelda NES, Links Awakening, Oracle of Seasons/Ages, etc. It works extremely well, even with a huge tilemap with background, collision and object layers. The only problem is that the tilemap is really just one large room and the view into the room just snaps to certain places as the player walks around. Basically it's an illusion of rooms using the camera. All entities in the world exist and are updated even if they are in a different "room" or even on the opposite side of the map. I've researched a bit and so far I feel I have a few ways: 1) Deactivate all entities that are off screen. Basically just stop rendering them and remove the physics body, AI, etc. There is a way to do this in Phaser api though I can't remember the function call right now. This way all entities are still existing in the game world, but are just not taking up cycles rendering or updating them. A con of this I think would be that with a lot of entities in the world just turning off it's render and update doesn't free up memory because the entities are never actually destroyed. 2) Basically when loading the tilemap create a separate pool of entities for each type of object on the map, but deactivate all of them. Keep a current_room property on all entities. When the player transitions to a new screen it's current_room prop is updated and then check all entities to see if it's current_room prop is the same as the players current_room, meaning they are in the same room, and if so deactivate all entities and activate the entities that are in the same room as the player. 3) On the tilemap set enemy spawn points in certain locations. There is a sprite pool for enemies_on_screen and when a player moves into a new room the enemies_on_screen are deactivated and we check through all spawner tiles on screen and spawn an enemy on that tile and push it into the enemies_on_screen. This way would be most similar to Zelda NES. The player enters a room and enemies spawn in a random location. There are of course other ways I'm sure. I guess what I'm trying to figure out is how to structure the game world/rooms/etc. I don't like how "open" the game world is and how little structure my current system puts on rooms. But I like being able to design the whole overworld map at once in Tiled. I think if I would have to design each room separately and then fit them into place during runtime would drive me crazy. xD Any advice would be greatly appreciated! And I'm sorry if my thoughts seem jumbled, I've been up for too many hours and caffeine levels are dangerously low...
  8. Hi, I've been working on this project since Jan 2013. Basically is a adventure side scrolling game ala Zelda 2 style. View Trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfB-yhq5pqE Play Demo in browser http://elliotquest.com/demo The game is programmed in javascript using impactjs engine. some of the features include: • An expansive island to explore with over 16 unique bosses • Customize your character with an engaging Level Up System • Chain attacks to make enemies drop more items • Experiment with different magic attacks to defeat Elliot’s enemies • Solve puzzles to find hidden crystals and access secret areas • Hunt powerful monsters to find powerful weapons • 3 unique endings based on your decisions • Original Music by Michael Chait -- listen at https://soundcloud.com/michael-chait-music/sets/elliot-quest • Well-balanced gameplay that’s easy to pick up but difficult to master PS I plan to sell the game so if you like it consider voting on steam greenlight.
  9. My inspirations are primarily retro SNES and PS1 RPGs, but my style is very unique! Here are some samples of my original work: Emotional/inspiring theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U24byONt8w8 Exotic theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BO7NP9dXbp8 Mountain theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iognA-bh274 Overworld music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJ3TacSNBwE Mystical theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7yQs46ORW0 I compose quickly, I will use any sound software you require and I can compose for a wide variety instruments, and a wide variety of styles and genres. Here are some of my video game orchestral arrangements: Secret of Mana cover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50YgaBARrUg Metroid cover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYQ4uGppPOM Final Fantasy cover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCAm2BTRREo Zelda cover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChprGJ9azJw Chrono Trigger cover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EB8KawWMSA8 Contact me at [email protected] or on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/RebeccaETripp/about
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