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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I am a beginner to Babylon.js, but I decided to create a game about helicopter and... I don't know what to add next. Here you can see the latest update: http://playground.babylonjs.com/#11OMIX#23 The CONTROLS are: -Arrows to tilt the helicopter -W/A to fly up/down -S/D to turn left/right -Spacebar (press) to change perspective You can pick up the minecraft block by landing on it. Crash into buildings (yes, these big blocks). If you have any ideas how to develope this project let me know in comments. I am pretty sure I will need help with placing textures on the ribbon, it seems to be hard to do because it has the width and height equal to 0, I see just one pixel, but I want to fix it later.
  2. Howdy, I'm working on helicopter simulator in babylon.js using cannon.js. I managed to create auto-stabilizing system and put some controls, air friction is done temporarily, but it's not the problem. Just try it (dowload zip file) and see that it's not working propertly, pink sphere shows center of the airscrew and is not a physics object. I thought it's ok, because it's how gyroscope works, but then I made the airscrew a square (commented part in source code) and it stopped wiggling. There may be a few reasons why is that and at this moment I'm not sure if it's physics misconception or it's a problem with cannon.js. To play the simulator press arrows to tilt, w/s to fly up/down, a/d to turn. 3d gem - Kopia.zip
  3. Hello! I am very new to game development and to JavaScript too. I made a Flappy Birds inspired game, but instead of pipes you have to avoid missiles with a helicopter. You can use the ground and the ceiling to bounce of if you have to move faster. Controls: SPACE to start or restart the gameMouse click to go up a little Screenshot: On the website you can find another simple games. Every comment is welcome. I know the game is simple, but I had fun time to create it Play the game here.
  4. Tonight I completed my second game. Idea evolved from an old flash game that I used to play called "Monkey Lander". This game features: 36 Levels Fantastic home made graphics Addicting gameplay http://diceordie.com/Games/TPH/penguin.html I would be very very very grateful if you guys would test my game on your devices and then post the result and the name of the phone or tablet you were using. Hope you like it!
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