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Found 6 results

  1. Hello I want to collect coins in my platformer game, so i need to remove coin tile when my player overpap it. So, in create function i add this map.setTileIndexCallback(50, this.collectCoin, this); And create new collectCoin method map.putTile(-1, layer.getTileX(player.x), layer.getTileY(player.y)); score += 10; And thats work, but the number of points is accumulated too much, when the player is standing next to the coin itself, it does not disappear, and points are scored at a high speed I try to use new TilemapLayer , but its causes an error alpha = 0 now work or I am doing something wrong
  2. Hello to everybody, I wanted to share with you my first HTML5 game! The idea behind the game is very simple: collect all the coins you need in order to pass the level before the time expires. Sound simple? No it's not, it's actually very challenging and you will probably hate and love this game at the same time (but please just don't blame me if you will eventually drop your macbook pro out of the window). You can play it and/or get more informations trough this link. I'm looking forward to get some feedback from this community, please give me your suggestions. At present I'm selling it on www.fgl.com (is it a good way? I have no idea) where the game has been approved and rated with a score of 7 out of 10.
  3. hi, i have this design where i want to add some coins to the game in some specific positions (see image) what is the best way to do that? I tried creating a group but it just shows once and when i grab the coins i don't know how to create more of them I'd really appreciate any help with that! thanks in advance
  4. Hello! I am 27thColt. This is my first game that I have ever made! It is called Floater (couldn't think of better names). You are a Scuba Diver avoiding fish and collecting coins and bubbles! Here is the link: http://27thcolt.github.io/Floater/ Here are some pictures: If you want, here is the repository: https://github.com/27thColt/Floater Just don't steal my code guys, it's not cool. Hopy you enjoy the game!
  5. Hello ! I'm wondering what would be the best way to have pickable objects (with Physics.P2) ? I mean, I wan't to be able to interact with this item by its body but without it to be blocking me. The scenario would be: I have a Player class, a Pickable class (a coin). Once the player's body touches the coin's body it fires an event (like onBeginContact) but never blocks me. It looks possible with: -Sprite.overlap (but not accurate at all) -Solid bodies and body.onBeginContact(...) then I immediatly clearShapes (but it's not clean, and the player will still be stuck 1 frame) ... Thank you :-) !
  6. Hi everyone, I just finished new small game using Phaser: http://zlotnan.strangevillage.com/ So check it out and any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks!
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