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  1. I need an area where like half the screen will only do 50% the normal physics calculations! This will be useful for items inside water areas
  2. Hi, is it possible to show a timer indicator when the gaze is pointing at a plane in VR mode? Would like to do it like the video that i've attached here loading.mp4
  3. sout7


    Goal Cliclock challenges your sense of time by having you click 10 times at 1 second intervals. While clicking, you get feedback on how off the target you are. Positive values mean you were too slow, negative mean you were too fast. You can change the number of times to click, as well as the interval. In the options menu, you can even set the measurement as beats per minute. How accurate are you? Links Web: https://cliclock.netlify.com/ Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cliclock.free Note: The game is available on Google Play,
  4. I would like a timer to display in the top right of the game window. the time to be counting up in seconds . milliseconds to the 3rd decimal ( 00.000 ). i've found lots of examples to show an event on timer but not to just keep track of the game time and display. I'm assuming I need something in the update function to keep the time updating but not sure what. vaultage.game = function() {}; vaultage.game.prototype = { create : function() { // timer this.timer = game.time.create(); this.game.add.text(20, 700, this.timer,{ font: "10px Raleway"} ); this.timer.start();
  5. So I am building a game where I for some parts use tweens that interact with gameplay. Other parts of the gameplay are based on time.physicsElapsed. I believe using time.physicsElapsedfor every frame (call to update) should cause the gameplay to slow down together with the fps, which is what I'd like to have as I have decided that is the most graceful way to deal with weak devices. What I am confused about is how tweens are timed. http://phaser.io/docs/2.6.2/Phaser.TweenManager.html#frameBased makes it look like only frameBased Tweens are using the physics time and that isn't t
  6. Hi, I'm a Phaser beginner. I'm using IntelXDK + Phaser.io theme (version 2.6.1). I'm trying to user a simple time event to stop an animation after 6 seconds. I think it is because the notation name: function () {} provided by intelXDK model that I'm using but I'm not sure. PS: If I use only the name of the function (instead of BasicGame.Game.prototype.happyMsgSystem), it doesn't work. The code: BasicGame = { }; BasicGame.Game = function (game) { }; BasicGame.Game.prototype = { preload: function () { this.load
  7. HI, I am moving trains on a track in a callback registered with scene.registerBeforeRender() I need the time delta since the last call before I can update the train position. How do I get the dt ? Thanks.
  8. Hi all, I want to do something simple, tell a Phaser.Timer to: repeat 10 times in speed A, wait A seconds then repeat 3 times in speed B, wait B seconds then repeat X times in speed C wait C seconds etc... Is there a simple way of doing that? thanks! Lior
  9. Hi guys, for my game i use a emitter (game.add.emitter) for a snowing weather effect. When i start the state the emitter starts as well. So it looks like it has just started to snow right at the moment the player starts the game. Is it possible to advance the emitter progress. So it looks like the emitter does its work for a while? thanks Tom
  10. Hello to everybody, I wanted to share with you my first HTML5 game! The idea behind the game is very simple: collect all the coins you need in order to pass the level before the time expires. Sound simple? No it's not, it's actually very challenging and you will probably hate and love this game at the same time (but please just don't blame me if you will eventually drop your macbook pro out of the window). You can play it and/or get more informations trough this link. I'm looking forward to get some feedback from this community, please give me your suggestions. At present I'm selling it
  11. I'm working with different states. Where I have all code of gameplay called "ingame" Ok, I'll use it when calling the game.time.events.add function receives the following parameters: game.time.events.add (1000, this.myFunction, this, arguments); Use this follow: add(delay, callback, callbackContext, arguments) So far so good. The problem comes when wanting to use this function from an extended sprite update (created by me). When I call the function from there "this" refers to the sprite, so you can not put "this" in the third parameter of the function. The context when I use this is Sprite
  12. How to disable fixed FPS in version 2.4.3? is it possible? Or, can disable tunneling in early state play? Low FPS at begin of my game (after version 2.2.0). Solution to problem in http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/10345-phaser-220-release-candidate-11-please-test/ i could not found. Until I see that the only way out is to use 2.1.3.
  13. Hi everyone, I want to make a basic rhythm game in Phaser where the user has to hit specified keys to 'catch' the incoming notes while staying in rythm. So far the main game area roughly looks like this: The idea is that the key must be hit (and the corresponding note played) when the note sprite fully overlaps the key sprite, and the score is calculated based of how close the note sprite is to the top edge of the key sprite. I have an array of percussion loops with various BPMs I made in a DAW which change after each level to increase the difficulty. When the level starts this functi
  14. Hi I'm new to Javascript and trying to learn Phaser by building a simple rhythm game. in short you tap along to the beat of a song. You know when to tap by a horn sound. I have created a function that calculates when the sound should play in the given time in minutes and stores it to an array like this: function songManager(evt) { this.notes = []; storage['currentBpm'] = evt.bpm storage['eighthNoteDuration'] = 1000 * 0.5 * 60 /evt.bpm ; this.totalBars = (storage['eighthNoteDuration'] * 32) / storage['totalTime'] ; // Set global notes array for (var bar =0
  15. Hi everyone, I have to code a special feature which is, I guess, quite tricky. Thus I'd like to ask for advice before diving into some "bad-patterned" solution. I have a game where a character can consume an item which will slow down time for everyone / everything except the character himself. So everything is going to move slowly around him (and animate slowly), for a given period of time. He won't get any other special bonus (he keeps moving at the same speed, jump as high as usual, only the rest of the world is affected). What would be the best way to implement this?
  16. Okay so current project I'm working on is to make a platformer game which uses just a single level design but multiple stages featuring different mechanics in it. I have a death counter which counts the number of times the player jumps into the spikes from which upon dying they will respawn back at the beginning of the level I also have a timer which is counting the amount of time it take to complete the level. Now what I want to do is make it so upon reaching the pipes at the end of the level when they switch over to the next level the values from the death counter & level timer will
  17. Hi I'm trying to find a reliable way to calculate the time the game is being played and isn't paused. My scenario is that I want to show a "time left" counter on screen but I found out that game.time.now isn't reliable as it's counting even if game.paused is true. thanks
  18. I have a problem with phaser time. When the time is over I want it to display "Done!". I also notice sometimes when I restart the timer it adds more time? https://jsfiddle.net/knz4aczh/
  19. I have a problem with phaser time. When the time is over I want it to display "Done!". I also notice sometimes when I restart the timer it adds more time? https://jsfiddle.net/knz4aczh/
  20. this.score=this.game.time.totalElapsedSeconds().toFixed(0); this.score = this.score+5; say the first this.score = 5. I want the next this.score to equal 10. But instead, I get 55. I looked up the API, and it says this.score should be a number so I cannot understand why this is happening?
  21. Hi guys, I'm really new to Phaser and programing in general so I'm getting stuck really often with my first game. What I'm trying to do is some sort of a two players fighting game (this is a game for gamepads and keyboards, no mobile here). I kinda have the basics going, I mean, my characters move! But i have a list of things to do that keeps growing! Here I have my first two problems for you, kind people: Problem number 1: The thing I'm trying to do is to have my character perform a special move with a combination of buttons. I'm guessing there should be a timer involved somehow. The id
  22. Hey guys. Since our forum is quite new I wanted to share our latest update here too. I hope everybody is having a great day http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/12048-introudcing-120-williams/
  23. Hi All, I'm developing a game where I'd like to slow game time when certain UI elements are expanded. I can use the .slowMotion of Phaser.Time (game.time.slowMotion = 2) to slow the global time which is great. However this also affects the rendering of the UI (animations etc). Question: Is it possible to specify a slow motion factor (or deltaTime) for a game object and its descendants somehow without affecting global time? Thanks, Tom
  24. Hi guys! One question... Is possible to do the following in phaser? http://flashvhtml.com/ I see that it have a timeline for the animations (translation, rotation and scale) and I would like do the same from a json. What do you recommend? Regards, Nicholls
  25. Hi all I have a little problem, i have set the collision of two spritse: game.physics.arcade.collide(sprite1, sprite2, this.collisionSprite, null, this);collisionSprite: function(){ variable++;}The problem is when the sprite1 collide with sprite2 the variable keep increasing, i want to increase the variable just one time, is there any solution please. And thank's for any help
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