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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys, Do you know any best conference focused on front end and new open source technologies in europe? Thanks a lot
  2. Is anyone going to be in San Francisco in a couple weeks for GDC 2016? Myself and one of our other devs will be there and would love to meet up with any other HTML5 game devs (we are the creators of CasinoRPG and howler.js). Feel free to reply here or tweet me @GoldFireStudios.
  3. Hi everyone, So GDC is now just around the corner. Me and Dave (AKA the PlayCanvas guys) are going to be in town. There is a lot going on that is relevant to HTML5 game developers. For example, there is a WebGL Meetup run by Khronos. Intel and Ludei will be showing off their latest mobile HTML5 wrapping technologies. Oh, and we'll be unveiling some really cool games, demos and tools. And there'll be a lot of developers in town. Maybe we can get together in a bar for a mini-meetup! (I'm a fan of the Thirsty Bear personally). So yeah: Who's going to GDC?Do you want to meet up and talk HTML5, WebGL, frameworks, tools, games and so on over a few beers?Will
  4. Hi, Is anyone attending the Developer Week Conference in San Fran next month? I've never attended this specific conference, and wanted to hear from anyone who has and/or will be attending this year. Any feedback would be great as I would like to know the perceived value of attending from those familiar with this - as I cannot tell from the schedule if this is a focused conference with any valuable classes for the BabylonJS community and other JavaScript tools such as node.js and WebSockets. Are any of you brains building the BabylonJS framework holding any workshops? Perhaps attending at all? Please let me know if you are familiar with this conference or have any thoughts as to it's value. Thanks, DBawel
  5. Guys (and gals;) - the most awesome HTML5 gaming conference is coming! onGameStart will take place from 19th to 20th September in Warsaw, Poland - the agenda & speakers will be announced soon, but if that would be the same level as last year (Jordan Mechner!) that would be super cool. Check the event site at http://ongamestart.com/ (btw. I'll be doing a workshop 'Making game graphics & animations for the "ungifted"' on the workshop day - the super fast graphics and animation course specially for the developers;)
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