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Found 5 results

  1. To quote the MarketJS guy from a previous thread concerning their flagrant copying of other developers games: some previous examples of games they have copied and are still actively selling: Original game Let Me Grow MarketJS copy Baby Whale Rescue Original game Pilot Heroes MarketJS copy Pilot Training Original Game: Mini Race Rush MarketJS copy Monster Truck Below is a few screenshots from their new game Tiny World Golf compared to a game made over 2 years ago Mini Putt Hey MarketJS, here's a thought - STOP MAKING CHEAP-ASS COPIES OF OTHER DEVELOPERS GAMES!
  2. I'm working on an endless runner than uses multiple tilemaps as segments in order to achieve a procedurally generated effect. I'm copying tile data from a buffered tilemap (not being rendered) and pasting that data to another tilemap (currently being rendered) but not all the tiles show up. I copy and paste the tiles in three separate batches. The first batch works fine. The second and third batch of tiles don't render at all, but the collision tiles still work. All the tiles are copied from the same tilemap. Attached is the relevant file. Runner.js
  3. Hello folks, after nearly over an hour of debug action, I found something strange. I create an object out of some smaller objects using merge. After that, I keep one "original" in background with "isVisible = false". Then, if the settings change, I throw everything away and copy this "original". Set material, size, etc... Then I create instances of this. But I always had an error within babylon while copy. The first time it works as expected. But the second time I use copy with this "original" object, I have this error: (Line 27524: CANNOT SET .references OF UNDEFINED #ERROR) for (var kind in this._vertexBuffers) { if (numOfMeshes === 1) { this._vertexBuffers[kind].create(); } this._vertexBuffers[kind]._buffer.references = numOfMeshes; <==== CANNOT SET .references OF UNDEFINED #ERROR if (kind === BABYLON.VertexBuffer.PositionKind) { mesh._resetPointsArrayCache(); var extend = BABYLON.Tools.ExtractMinAndMax(this._vertexBuffers[kind].getData(), 0, this._totalVertices); mesh._boundingInfo = new BABYLON.BoundingInfo(extend.minimum, extend.maximum); mesh._createGlobalSubMesh(); //bounding info was just created again, world matrix should be applied again. mesh._updateBoundingInfo(); }}I noticed, that after copy, in Mesh._geometry._meshes a mesh had been added. This happend in the new copy as well as in the original one. That's the reason the second round it has "numOfMeshes = 2" and runs into this error. I have no idea why this happens or why the orignial mesh is affected by copy function? I ended up with this (ugly) workaround: function getBarType2() { var Clone = window.BarType2.clone("Pfosten Typ 2"); window.BarType2._geometry._meshes.pop(); Clone.isVisible = true; return Clone;}With this, it works as expected! Can anyone explain what happens here? Have a nice day Kevin
  4. I'm trying to create a bitmapdata with a single frame from a spritesheet and I'm getting nothing I'm using this, bmd = game.add.bitmapData(800, 800); bmd.add(new Phaser.Sprite(game, 50, 50, 'blocks', 3)); sprite = game.add.sprite(0,0,bmd);but its showing nothing. Am doing something wrong? I tried copypixels aswell and still got nothing, I tried adding the sprite in advance, nothing. (I'm useing phaser 2.0.6) Thanks for the help in advance.
  5. In my quest to have a dynamically loading tilemap, I am trying to use the copy/paste function provided by the tilemaps to copy tiles from one map to a distinct map (the original one is not rendered, it simply serves as a "tile data store" for now (later on it'll handled by a server)). For some reason, I can copy data from my first tilemap to the second one, but the location where it is pasted is not right at all. I even have to provide negative numbers in the paste function to align them correctly var cellSize = 4; map = game.add.tilemap('map'); // Loaded from JSON above /* Map renderer */ renderedMap = game.add.tilemap(); renderedMap.addTilesetImage('magecity', undefined, undefined, undefined, undefined, undefined, 1); // I want the GID to start at 1 renderedMap.setCollisionByExclusion([2, 237, 335]); ground = renderedMap.create('ground', 3 * cellSize, 3 * cellSize, 32, 32); ground.resizeWorld(); cells = map.copy(0, 4, cellSize, cellSize); renderedMap.paste(0, 0, cells, ground); //Here the data pasted is NOT at (0,0) (It looks like it was pasted at (0,8)) As usual, thanks ! .
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