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Found 3 results

  1. I've been looking at implementing physics into a simple scene, but I feel the documentation is out of date and thus much of the stuff you find online is out of date also. Take for example meshes, in order to activate physics on one, you now need to set the `mesh.physicsImposter` member variable, whereas almost all relevant topics call the (now redundant) function `myMesh.setPhysicsState()`. This is confounded by the fact that oimojs has documentation that fleets between Three, Babylon, and sometimes neither! Could we perhaps update the Babylon playground to contain more physics demos using Babylon 3 at the very minimum? Is anyone else finding the out of date content available online an issue? could we do something more in the documentation?
  2. Hey everyone, i am a game dev since a while now but i got into the html5 games few weeks ago, i wanted to show you guys some demos of my games and want to hear ur opinion about it : The first game is called "Paoro" , its an endless scoring type game, very easy to play and addictive, all the player needs is to press any button to jump , then he must climp the highest possible avoiding more than 40 possible obstacles: screenshot: link : https://kayisse.itch.io/paoro?secret=QNlASGCXcUtJdhTqgNSnzsdqiI The second game is called Tynoo, its an endless game too but lil bit more complicated and original in the same time, the player in this game must defend the moon from the falling asteroids by shooting the right color at the right asteroids, he will have to mix for example: red and blue to get the purple shoot..etc screenshot: link : https://12walid34.itch.io/tynoo-html-demo?secret=2o0Mf8ktV6y2lyk2sxfuxIDSbo the last is a project still in progress, it's called "kyo", its about a ninja with some special skill who solve puzzles , avoid traps, fighting enemies..etc, its a 2D platformer with a black/white art style like limbo, i've uploaded few levels so you guys tell me what you think of it, screenshot(taken from the mobile test verson): link: https://12walid34.itch.io/kyo-html-demo (use the arrow keys to move and numpad2 to shoot ) the first two games can be found for free in android (playstore) , the last is still in developpement like i said, we still have some other games but we didnt build the html versions of them, i want to know what you guys think of our games ? which parts are good and which are bad ? how much does this small games usually cost ? is it normal that we haven't got any revenue yet ( yeap 0$) , i tried to contact so many sponsors i've seen in this forum, only armorgames replied and they said they were not interested thanks for the feedback, enjoy
  3. Hi All, I'm a fan of opensource technologies and softwares. I have been using BabylonJs for 3-4 weeks now and it's an awesome framework and nothing short of any other webgl frameworks out there. I have just released the alpha version of my site, it's not much but it is something. You can take a look at the attached screenshots from the site below. I'm a Designer, Art Director and Creative Director from India, I also do a little bit of programming. I always wanted to give back to the open source community (after having enjoyed open source softwares for over 5-6 years : ) ), but I'm limited by my programming knowledge. I can contribute in terms of creating demos for BabylonJs but I will still be limited by my development experience, I will need someone who is good at programming to create quality demos which we can add to BabylonJs's showcase and make it more desirable than other frameworks like "threejs". As far as my experience goes, any new potential user of Webgl will start looking for frameworks as Babylon and threejs. Even though threejs is old (no offense) and not as fast as babylon most of them if not all will end up choosing threejs over BabylonJs because the kinda demos they have at threejs site is kickass and highly polished. When I look at the demos in BabylonJs's site in comparison with the demo's at threejs the quality of BabylonJs demos are far far less polished (no offense again). This doesn't mean that there are no quality demos in the site, there are great demos like The Dino Hunt, Sponza, SPS. But we are easily outnumbered by more than a 50 demos at "threejs". I think the first step to fix anything is to acknowledge that there is a problem and I think we do need at least a dozen quality demos to showcase at the home page of BabylonJs, the rest will follow as the users favour Babylon over other frameworks looking at the demos we create. But I can't do this without help from a good developer who is willing to contribute in their free time just like our friends developing BabylonJs, it's a great way to return the favor. What do you get in-return? You will have a set of polished demos to add to your portfolio and also I'm sure this will be a tremendous opportunity to learn from each other. You can take a look at my works in the links below if you would like to know more about me and my work. Portfolio: http://retrocurator.com Dribbble: http://dribbble.com/amarneethi And it definitely is gonna take time to create those dozen demos, atleast 8-10 months or so if it is only a 2-3 of us are going to work on it. We can take simple ideas which can be done in like 4-5 weeks of time and launch them. @Deltakosh : Let me know what you think, I will most definitely need your help in getting help from developers to get these demos done. If you are already working on any demos already, I can contribute in terms of modeling and user interface design for the demos. Cheers Guys
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