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Found 4 results

  1. Hello Community i make this post to talk about Gamedistribution and warning all developers about this site. take care when you start making money with them because they pay the first times and then just evade the payments even when im uploading 4 new games every month. I contact them but they just say we will pay you but never pay. I upload more than 50 games From 2017 to today and they pay me until MAY 2018. If you have similar issues please comment this post so we can help developers to dont give our hard work to this guys. Cheers
  2. In the last year and a half I have created three html5 games using Construct 3. In August, 2019, I submitted my first game to Gamedistribution.com. On June 10, 2020 I had an accumulated ad revenue of 38.40 euros. The next day I noticed all of my revenue was gone. I immediately reported this problem to Gamedistribution.com’s support team. For weeks I received no reply. Finally on August 17 I received an acknowledgement of my problem and a promise to resolve it ASAP. To this day my ad revenue remains at ZERO, and I have not heard further from Gamedistribution.com. I have found another game distributor, Gamearter.com, and am very happy with their higher percentage of revenue return and excellent support. I wish I had found them earlier.
  3. Hello friends, I work with Poki, Crazygames, Gamepix, Gamemonetize, etc. And all these companies generate good income, I tried Gamedistribution and it does not generate a single penny, I tried several games, even one that has millions of players in the world and still nothing. i wait 2 more days and unsubscribe there, I advise you to go to Gamemonetize, Crazygames, Gamearter, Poki but don't waste time with Gamedistribution because they only distribute their own games (Spilgames)
  4. Hi I have a business model in mind. You can bid if it suits you. I want you to upload any html5 game for me to GameDisbrution. I will pay for each approved game. - You can create new games. - You can re-skin old games. - For me, the quality or content of the game does not matter. Enough for me if GameDisbrution approves. - All inclusive should be included. Picture, Description, etc. Only, The game should not be a copyright issue in the future. That way I can get a lot of games. You can quote your price for each game. Thank you.
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