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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I want to make my first Phaser game, a graphical Roguelike on a hexagonal grid. I know, a square grid would be easier, but let me try it anyway. How can I reuse as much code possible from the Phaser libraries (e.g. Tilemap) as possible? I would like, for example, to use the functionality of these examples: Depth Sort example Tilemap Ray Cast CSV Map (scrolling) If I can use existing libraries, I would have less work, less bugs, and better performance. Performance isn't critical though and I might have less work if I implement everything myselft, rather than shoehorning the libraries to do something they weren't intended to. Collision detection isn't an issue (the player and the enemies are always standing in the middle of a cell).I would like to express North, North-East, South-East, South, South-West, and North-West as tuples of +1, -1 and 0.Here is a doodle I made which explains how I could use isometric or rectangular grid "technology" (I hope it was worth the time to create it!). (I wrote the x-coordinate first. I'm not sure if that's normal.) Did anyone of you make a game with hex grid? How did you do it? What would you recommend to me? Is this the right forum? Do you have questions?
  2. Hi, another chess variant, with hexagonal board! Try if you dare Jerome