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Found 7 results

  1. Basically that's what I want to achieve, removing/hiding a part of a sprite/image/graphic. That's the opposite of how masks work in Phaser, so does anyone know how to achieve that result?
  2. Hi everyone! I'm building an infinite runner and exporting predefined blocks from Blender. In BJS I create instances of those block meshes exported from Blender and place them dynamically to create pathway for a character. So my aim is to use exported meshes as `blueprint` for instances creation. What's the best way to hide a mesh exported from Blender and use it only as a reference to create instances of the mesh to place them dynamically? Currently I'm just placing base meshes outside the skybox mesh to hide them and then create instances of those base meshes and place the instances inside skybox mesh where I need them to be. Although that works I'm just wondering is there any better/proper way to hide base meshes?
  3. Hi everyone, A bit of a babylon philosophical question here. I want to deal with a massive amount of spheres, and want to keep it as smooth as possible. I thought I would hide spheres which are no longer in the view frustum. Now that I got that code, I wonder what is the most efficient, either to hide the meshes by selecting and applying .visibility = 0, or if it is better to dispose of the meshes ? If you're curious, in my case I only rotate the camera and don't move it, and I know what I have to show thanks to the angles within a database. Currently, Babylon still feels a bit too slow to my taste with many elements hidden. Should I change my code to dispose of the meshes and recreate them instead of hiding/showing ? Best, Kevin
  4. I have a few sprites that I am using for info panels in certain camera views. I want to hide and show different sprite panels depending on the camera angles. I really just need to know how to hide a sprite. Am I missing something? Shouldn't this be something simple to do?
  5. I have text in my game that I would like to hide at certain points and show at others. I'm doing this by setting text.renderable to false. This is somehow being set to true after I set it to false and I have no idea how. It's definitely not being set to true by me, it must be a secondary effect of something else going on. Is this not the correct way to show/hide text? Thanks.
  6. I've searched it up, there are alot of so called solutions, but they are all easy to bypass. For example, you can disabled click, so you can't right-click view-source. But the workaround is simple: just go to your browsers' web console, for example in Firefox you can easily see the URL of the script. What are your experiences/tips/methods? Let's make a list: - code obfuscation (i.e. http://javascriptobfuscator.com/ )
  7. Hi all! I'm trying to hide address bar on iOS 6.1.5 in a Scirra Construct 2 project. I know this is a trivial task, and I managed to do it with GameMaker, but for some reason I can't make it work here. Here's what I'm doing: On start of layout: Browser: Execute Javascript if (!document.getElementById('space')) { var space = document.createElement('div'); space.style.height = '60px'; space.style.clear = 'both'; space.id = 'space'; document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0].appendChild(space);}Browser: Execute Javascript if (window.location.hash.indexOf('#') == -1) { setTimeout(function() { window.scrollTo(0, 1); }, 0);}When the page loads for the first time, it works perfectly. However, after the page has been refreshed, what happens is that the address bar still hides, but the canvas doesn't take all available space, but there is a blank space at the bottom of 60px (the height of the bar, and the height of the div I add to the page to increment space). What am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance!
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