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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone, I see various games using the DOM for certain elements, I was wondering about peoples experience on this, I have a pretty complex HUD designed and feel it would be much easier to maintain and manage in the DOM and use events from the game to update the HUD. Would you suggest using the DOM or MelonJS? Advantages/downsides would be appreciated.
  2. Hello guys, So I keep progressing with my game. I freezed the new features development until this week to consolidate networking ( which is the hardest part ), now that I feel I am in a good point I am continuing. I am about to implement the inventory system which is this weeks plan, however I believe I will have some difficulties with the GUI elements positioning. For the health bar and mana bar I have done a temporary positioning using margin and padding but definitely it doesn't feel as the correct solution. How would I approach adding and removing skills for example from the skill bar. It must be responsive, also I am using babylon gui library. Any thoughts would be highly appreciated, thanks! Best Regards, RelativeNull.
  3. Hello everyone, I have a problem in drawing objects that are not affected with the camera position or scale or rotation. Right now, I want to draw a HUD at a fixed location with fixed scale. fixed to camera works fine if there is no scale but if scale/rotation involved, it breaks Is there any solution to that?
  4. Hello ! I just finished a first version of bGUI (for babylon GUI), which is an extension to Babylon to create a GUI directly in your game scene. Useful for someone who wants to create a GUI for a mobile game on Cocoon platform (I'm looking at you canvas+), or for someone who wants to control the game and its GUI in javascript without manipulating DOM element. - Source code : https://github.com/Temechon/bGUI - Demo : http://temechon.github.io/bGUI/ - Documentation : http://doc.babylonjs.com/page.php?p=25102 I'm working on the v1.1 this weekend, all your feedbacks are of course welcome ! Cheers,
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