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Found 15 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm quite new to babylon JS and need a small bump into the right direction 😅 Hoping not to fall for the XY Problem here's what I want to do: Going from a model created for Unity, that use special shaders, I want to export these to a WebGL solution. That way I can display these models on any supported browser (even mobile since Unity WebGL is not supported by most) My Approach: Create model in Unity3D with custom Shaders - done Export model to glTF, adding a custom extension to the material that holds all relevant information (specular maps, UV map
  2. Demo | Github | NPM It lets a sprite or particle emitter automatically track (follow) a Pointer or Display Object. Try the demo! obj.track(target, { // Default options: offsetX : 0, offsetY : 0, trackRotation : false, rotateOffset : false, disableBodyMoves : true }); // … obj.untrack();
  3. Hi All! We have developed a complex monetization solution for browser extensions (chrome extensions, browser addons, toolbars, etc) and I would like to invite extension developers to try it and make money.
  4. Hello, How can I use Babylon's extensions with NPM imports (es6 style)? To resume my problem: 1. I use NPM and Webpack for my project. To use Babylon I've install the node module babylonjs and I import the lib with the line: import BABYLON from 'babylonjs' 2. I would like use too the Sky extension https://doc.babylonjs.com/extensions/sky To do that I try to import it with the line: import {skyMaterial} from 'babylonjs/dist/preview release/materialsLibrary/babylon.skyMaterial.min.js' 3. The compilation is done but
  5. I made a generic Sprite + Arcade Physics controller so you don't have to. Demo / Code // Create var sprite = game.add.sprite(); // … var gui = new SpriteGUI(sprite); // Shutdown gui.destroy();
  6. GitHub / NPM / Demo // camera.follow(target, style, lerpX, lerpY, offsetX, offsetY) camera.follow(player, FOLLOW_STYLE, 0.5, 0.5, 64, 64); // or camera.targetOffset.set(64); camera.targetOffset.set(0);
  7. Hi there, Can anyone here point me in the direction of a Live2D tutorial or library that would work with Phaser? This seems like an interesting concept and I have not seen anyone try this yet to my knowledge. http://www.live2d.com/en/ https://avgjs.github.io/pixi-live2d-example/ Thanks in advance!
  8. Debug methods for timers and timer events. GitHub / NPM / Demo // Show duration since timer started: game.debug.timerElapsed(timer = this.game.time.events, x, y, label = timer.name) // Show a timer event's pending interval (uncommon): game.debug.timerEvent(event, x, y, width = 100, height = 20, label = event.name) // Show all pending timer events for a timer: // {width}px === 1000ms // Use, e.g., height = 10 for smaller bars game.debug.timerEvents(timer = this.game.time.events, x, y, width = 100, height = 20, label = timer.name) // Show the next pending timer event: game.debug.timerNext
  9. For when you can't figure out what your emitter is doing. GitHub / NPM / Demo // Show center and area game.debug.emitter(emitter, color = null, filled = true) // List properties game.debug.emitterInfo(emitter, x, y, color = null) // Count existing particles game.debug.emitterTotal(emitter, x, y, width = 100, height = 10, color = null, label = emitter.name)
  10. Please see the fun examples | source
  11. GitHub / NPM group.onChildAdded.add(function (child, parent){ /* `child` was added to `parent` */ }); group.onChildRemoved.add(function (child, prevParent){ /* `child` was removed from `prevParent` */ }); group.onChildKilled.add(function (child, parent){ /* `child` was killed */ }); group.onChildRevived.add(function (child, parent){ /* `child` was revived */ });
  12. GitHub / NPM You could use it to animate, start emitters, update health bars, … var sprite = game.add.sprite(); sprite.onDamaged.add(function (amount, health, maxHealth){ // sprite was damaged by {amount} // now has {health}/{maxHealth} }, sprite);
  13. Hello ! I just finished a first version of bGUI (for babylon GUI), which is an extension to Babylon to create a GUI directly in your game scene. Useful for someone who wants to create a GUI for a mobile game on Cocoon platform (I'm looking at you canvas+), or for someone who wants to control the game and its GUI in javascript without manipulating DOM element. - Source code : https://github.com/Temechon/bGUI - Demo : http://temechon.github.io/bGUI/ - Documentation : http://doc.babylonjs.com/page.php?p=25102 I'm working on the v1.1 this weekend, all your feedbacks are of course welcome
  14. Some background followed by several related questions. I have written a Javascript file myExtensionFile.js to submit for consideration as an extension. The current format of the file consists of a public function that calls several private functions and looks like this var private1 = function(a, b) { //code here } var private2 = function(a, b) { var myx = private1(c, d); //more code here } var myExtension = function(a, b, c) { //some code var myx = private1(m, n); //more code var myy = private2(p, q); //even more code } Once loaded yo
  15. Does BabylonJS has a method for generating such array: [_px.jpg, _py.jpg, _pz.jpg, _nx.jpg, _ny.jpg, _nz.jpg]?
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