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Found 9 results

  1. <!doctype html> <html> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8" /> <title>M N B</title> <script src="js/phaser.js"></script> </head> <body> <script type="text/javascript"> window.onload = function() { var width = window.screen.width; var availwidth = window.screen.availWidth; var height = window.screen.height; var availheight = window.screen.availHeight; var textStyle = { font: "20px Arial", fill: "#ffffff"}; var game = new Phaser.Game(availwidth , availheight, Phaser.AUTO, '', { preload: preload, create: create, update: update }); function preload () { //game.scale.scaleMode = Phaser.ScaleManager.SHOW_ALL; game.load.image('red','assets/red.png'); game.load.image('green','assets/green.png'); } function create () { game.stage.backgroundColor = "000000"; var graphics =,0); graphics.lineStyle(1,0xffffff,1); var box_width = (availwidth/10)-5; var box_height = (availheight/10)-5; last_start = box_width*10; last_end = box_height*10; //draw vertical lines for(var i=0;i<=last_start;i+=box_width){ graphics.moveTo(i,0); graphics.lineTo(i,last_end); } //draw horizontal lines for(var j=0;j<=last_end;j+=box_height){ graphics.moveTo(0,j); graphics.lineTo(last_start,j); } } function update(){ } }; </script> </body> </html> When I run the above code, and emulate it in Google Nexus 7 using Intel XDK, it does not show the last horizontal line (image below) On the other hand, when I emulate it in Apple Ipad (image below), it shows the complete grid perfectly (even though I need to scroll down to see the last line) Ques 1: Why is the above difference coming? Ques 2: Why is there a scrollbar coming when I am scaling the content properly? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello people, I am currently thinking about using Intel XDK for a simple mobile game, and I would like to know how it is working out for you. - Do you like it? - Do you recommend it? - Are there any pitfalls to avoid? - Would you do your next game with Intel XDK? Thank you!
  3. Hi people! I am creating an animation in Phaser with TimelineLite because I want to be able to control the progress... APK generated with Intel XDK (Crosswalk): I wonder if there is a way to reverse the animation of sprites when I revert the tween timeline... ¿Any idea to do this? Thanks in advance, Nicholls
  4. Hi. BackgroundI have a Sandy Bridge based PC Windows 7 laptop that has two gpu's: dedicated nVidia gpu and an integrated Intel HD gpu. If I've undestood correctly the Sandy Bridge is close to a SoC style of architecture and the Intel gpu is inside the same chip with the cpu. The laptop is using the Intel gpu with all tasks that are not considered graphically intensive and the nVidia kicks in only when gaming etc. The idea behind this is to save energy and it does do a brilliant job. The problemBy default web browsers are considered as non-graphically intensive apps. It generates one massive problem with Phaser (and probably with other gpu rendered web content as well): overheating. The performance is not an issue, usually cpu load is below 20% and fps stays easily at 60 with the Intel gpu, but probably because of the architecture the temp of the whole chip including cpu's starts going slowly up and the system cannot handle this very well. After some minutes at 80 degrees Celsius the system goes into some limp mode, I really do not know what happens but I'm guessing the gpu clocks are dropped and / or the rendering is moved to cpu because cpu load jumps to 70-100% and the fps drops to less than 10. You basically have to shut down the web page and continue after a while, but it always does the same of course. I can repoduce this with Phaser examples as well. Quick workaround is to force the system to use the nVidia gpu with browser, but it's not a solution. Out there are zillion Sandy Bridge computers with non-techy users. The questionAre there ways to restrict the gpu usage when it's not necessary? E.g. on menu screens and so on it's not necessary to keep on drawing 60fps when nothing is moving etc. All other ideas are welcome too, this is really quite a big of an issue for us :/ Thanks a lot in advance!
  5. Would love your feedback on this developer resource: [temporarily removed]
  6. Hi guys, Intel has recently opened a new site called the HTML5 Hub. It's not just about game dev, but all aspects of HTML5. However I was pleased when they asked me to write an article for the site, so I did one about 'cutting through' images in canvas.
  7. Intel has used the Chinese leg of its IDF (Intel Developer Forum) event to lift the wraps on its new HTML5 Development Environment. The environment is available free of licensing fees and other costs. This is an integrated software application development system to develop, test, debug, and deploy applications across multiple operating systems — there is compatibility with Apple iOS, Android, Windows 8, and Windows Phone 8. Intel insists that it "cares" about HTML5 because it believes it is important to help experienced and new developers transition to the cross-platform HTML5 approach so that they can deploy their apps and games on nearly all modern computing platforms.
  8. The founding of appMobi dates back to 2006, and we ourselves have been tracking the company since 2009, when it first became apparent to us that HTML5 was going to play an important role in the future of mobility. We have since watched the company grow its technology and various platforms - which allow developers to write sophisticated HTML5 apps that are also able to take advantage of the native capabilities built into mobile devices (that is, hybrid mobile apps), into a significant force within the HTML5 ecosystem. Company founder Sam Abadir, appMobi's CTO and chairman, has had a long Internet, Web and cloud computing career, and is passionate and outspoken on the virtues of HTML5. We spoke with him at one point about his goals, chief among them the delivery of sophisticated tools that would allow developers to write pure, fast and twitchy HTML5/hybrid games that would rival native-built apps. We're not sure if that particular goal has been achieved yet (Facebook certainly doesn't think it's there yet), but the world is getting much closer to making it happen, and appMobi has played a role in this.
  9. "Intel will not be left out of the party when it comes to being central in the mobile app ecosystem. The company today acquired a set of HTML5 development tools, originally created by appMobi and used by some 150,000 developers, and has hired staff from appMobi that worked on the product to continue to maintain it. appMobi, meanwhile, is going to forge ahead as a standalone company, focused on the remaining part of its business as a provider of cloud services for mobile applications. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed."