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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, So finally Phaser 3 is going to provide containers? I am a bit confused about it, I remember that to keep a flat display list is a design desition that allows a lot of performance and simplicity. At the same time, we need something like containers or bones, something like a transformation tree. In this Phaser 3 google group I mentioned it: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/phaser3-dev/jNb_9i0_EpE ...and proposed something like Joints, this was the Richard answer: So, if now containers are introduced, how much is it going to affect the internal Phaser 3 implementation? Is it going to affect performance? is it going to use two different display list, one flat and other nested? Why are we considering containers again? Best regards, Arian
  2. I made a ragdoll experiment http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#8PQK71 is it possible to add angle limit to make it more realistic? for example to make elbow bend forward only, and upper arm to bend up and down and foward only. also, the PointToPointJoint joint seems works better on cannon.js engine, (more like hip & thigh from my experiment) thanks for the help~
  3. I made an example of how you can mimic a skeleton/bodyparts using LockConstraints in P2 physics. I thought it might be useful to share it/ add to the Phaser examples , for people looking for ways to use joints/ lock constraints in their game. here is the example: The sprites I used are from my own game, but you could very well replace it with any other sprites... In the code I also explained how it works.
  4. Hi guys, I have just started tries to make small games using phaser and decided to start from something very usual - tetris. So I am sorry for my stupid questions but I have spent some time trying to resolve the question by myself but without any success. As we know each tetris' figure consists from 4 blocks. Also I want to add some physics to my game. And this is the main issue that I have faced. 1. Can I use simple rectangle and not sprite as physics body? 2. If I am using sprite I have 1 block. As far as I have understood I need to create a joint from 4 such blocks to have one solid figure. Am I right? Or there should be used another way. Also if yes, how can I create such joint? P.S. any tutorials with tetris or something similar with usage of phaser will be very useful. Thanks and sorry for my stupid questions
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