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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, Infinitris.io - A massively multiplayer online falling block puzzle game, created using the Phaser game engine. Controls: Arrow keys and spacebar. Current Features: Instant join - only specify your nickname and you're ready to play. Multiplayer. No player limit. Dynamically sized grid with horizontal wrapping. Mistake detection. Sabotage other players by dropping on them. Phase shift into gaps directly below you (hold the down key while your block is being placed). Ingame chat [Enter]. Scoreboard. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/infinitris Twitter: https://twitter.com/infinitris_io Blog: https://infinitrisblog.wordpress.com/ Please give it a try and let me know what you think! Pyre
  2. Hi, I discovered Phaser about a month ago and I decided to make a Tetris clone to explore the engine. Tetris' gameplay doesn't necessarily call for using a full-fledged game engine, but I tried to cram in as many relevant functionalities as I could for practice, and all that combined might make for an interesting example for other Phaser users. It includes: Changing the controls of the game Sound effects and music, which can be turned on/off using the relevant button, and are interrupted on the pause screen Tweens to animate the clearing and collapsing of lines A loop to manage the fall of the tetromino, which accelerates as you complete more lines A leaderboard served by a PHP back end to keep track of the scores of the players Text using bitmapfonts Plus the necessary basics such as imput management and rendering the sprites Not much in terms of fancy sprites stuff and collisions unfortunately, because the game didn't really call for it. I didn't try to polish the appearance, as it was before all an exercise in Phaser. Also, most of my assets are stolen from the first results of some google searches. I didn't submit it as an official example because I guess it mixes too many different things and therefore would not be appropriate, but Rich can always correct me. Attached, a few screenshots ; the link to the Bitbucket repo is https://bitbucket.org/jerome_renaux/tetris.git Any feedback is welcome.
  3. Tetro is a puzzle game with tetris pieces - there's a square grid which you have to fill with given pieces. The game is written using pixijs and is available for WEB and Android. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=chervenkovdev.tetro http://tetro.mobi/ Here's a video from the game:
  4. Hi to all, This is my 4th Phaser game. I am still learning Phaser and ı am cloning block based games Here is the direct link to game http://www.oyunta.com/1010-blok-tetris/Oyna/
  5. Hello everyone, RPtriS is a fun new game that brings two great game concepts together. It’s like the Russian themed game with falling blocks and Rock, Paper, Scissors to be Exact. In this game, the falling blocks receive one of six symbols : rock, paper, scissors, greater, less, equal. To play you beat the adjoining blocks using the rules of Rock Paper Scissors. Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbqrvBAD3Ng&feature=youtu.be Web Link
  6. Cube Fall A remastered version of Cube Fall with new gameplay mechanics, updated graphics, new features, and smoother gameplay. Tap and drag cubes into rows to increase your multiplier, start a combo, and score tons of points! Clear the board and place cubes in power bars to score massive points! For the best experience play Cube Fall on your mobile device! Play Cube Fall Please post any feedback bellow! It's highly appreciated.
  7. Hi, I just released my first HTML5/Javascript game! I' Check out the homepage at: http://hextris.github.io/ Check it out online at: http://hextris.github.io/hextris/ Currently, it's for Android, iOS, and Chrome Web Store. Screenshots:
  8. Hi guys, I have just started tries to make small games using phaser and decided to start from something very usual - tetris. So I am sorry for my stupid questions but I have spent some time trying to resolve the question by myself but without any success. As we know each tetris' figure consists from 4 blocks. Also I want to add some physics to my game. And this is the main issue that I have faced. 1. Can I use simple rectangle and not sprite as physics body? 2. If I am using sprite I have 1 block. As far as I have understood I need to create a joint from 4 such blocks to have one solid figure. Am I right? Or there should be used another way. Also if yes, how can I create such joint? P.S. any tutorials with tetris or something similar with usage of phaser will be very useful. Thanks and sorry for my stupid questions
  9. My team and I have worked hard on this 3D tetris inspired game for about a semester. It has two modes - one is "puzzles" that include 3D puzzles similar to the physical puzzle game soma cubes (or you can think of it as 3D tangram if you are familiar with that game). The other "freestyle" mode is closer to tetris, in which you aim to build a 5x5x5 cube as quickly and as perfectly as possible using randomly generated pieces. We are considering submitting this game to a competition, since we think it's pretty original and fun. Any feedback will be appreciated! If you find any bugs please feel free to report, too! EDIT: Oops sorry forgot the link... you can play it at http://whateverwhouare.github.io/block_party
  10. "TetriCrisis 4 110% A.I." HTML5 Video Game Click below URL link to play in Internet browser: PLAY NOW! Click below URL link to view source code: http://16bitsoft.com/V2/T-C-4_4-HTML5/ Enjoy! JeZ+Lee 16BitSoft Inc. Video Game Design Studio http://16BitSoft.com
  11. If you like Tetris or Match-3 games, you will enjoy JollyBlocks a simple and addictive puzzle game. Thank you in advance if you give feedback (please include device, os and browser name, thanks a lot). You can play the game here: http://games.1-easysoft.com/JollyBlocks/
  12. Hi, When I say "tetrominoes" I mean tetris pieces. I would like to be able to create arbitrary (many shapes) tetrominoes on the fly, based on a set of square sprites. IE: I have a sprite for green square, and I want to create a... sprite? which is made a one line with three square, one line with a square on left and one on right, and one line with just a square on the left. Also I need those to be draggable on a grid. I skimmed the samples and documentation and couldn't find a proper to do this. Should I use a sprite group and manage drag'n drop by myself (could be tedious)?
  13. Hello everyone! I'm creating a Tetris style game where I want my blocks to fall at ~16 pixels every 10 frames. You can see something similar here: http://youtu.be/vBpdS5d1i1k?t=1m26s (gameplay video of Tetris) I was curious how I could emulate this within Phaser. I'm familiar with other game engines where there's a delta time variable (Cocos2D-iphone, Cocos2D-x) and the concept of removing that is completely new to me. Thank you for your time.
  14. Hello. I made this a little while ago. I thought it would be cool to make a tetris game where you can design your own shapes. I still need to add sound and also a loading screen, so if you have a slow connection give it a few seconds to appear. I'll point out that I am just an amateur and I know this doesn't even compair to the other games on here! Here is the link http://www.dreamofsleeping.co.uk/games/customblocks/index.html#pageTop
  15. Hello, This is the last game I have made for #1GAM: http://www.kongregate.com/games/yetAnother/weirdtris It's a tetris clone with weird tetris pieces in it. It's 100% code generated, there is no image and such, I have use canvasquery for that, it's a pretty awesome javascript library. screenshot What do you think? (what is your best score?)
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