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Found 1 result

  1. Hi. First of all, let put it clear that I don't want to start neither a flame war nor insinuate Phaser is not a.good tool. I just want help to understand both advantages and disadvantages of each approach. I'm brand new to HTML and I am still confused about so many frameworks available. What's the advantage in use mobile jQuery instead of Phaser and vice versa? What's the disadvantage to pick them? For instance, - which one generates smaller size code? - considering the same game developed with both tools, which version will run smoother? Which one consumes less resources? - which one is more productive (considering you're versed on both)? - which one takes care of repetitive repetitive tasks? - it seems that there are much more documentation regarding mobile jQuery than Phaser. Who about phaser tutorials and books? Are there available for phaser? Could you point them to me? Tutorials are a must for me because I learn more by reproducing steps in tutorials. Any thing I missed is very well appreciated. Regards.
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