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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, this is the second game that i post in this page, and is my first complete html5 game, i did it for the trials of oryx 2013, i developed it in about a month and was done using javascript from the scratch. The game is Tull, a very simple rpg with some roguelikes elements like the permadeath and randomnes, there is also food consumption and the weapons, armours, magic and food can be only bought in the town, there is also a hotel in the town so you can regenerate your health. There is only one Dungeon but it has 20 levels, each one more difficult than the previous, there a
  2. Hello everyone, i'm Jucarave and i am new to the forum. I want to share with you a project that i am developing, it is a pseudo 3D rpg that i started about a month ago, here is a screenshot and the link to the first demo: http://jucarave.dx.am/BansheeAlpha/ [Controls] W or Up : move straight S or Down: move back A: Strafe left D: Strafe right Q: rotate left E: rotate right SpaceBar: interact with object Use the mouse for interact with items and the interface I wrote the engine using the regular canvas without the webgl support, i want to know your opinions or any advice you
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