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Found 8 results

  1. Hello! I've been working on my pseudo-3D ray-casting engine and I think it's time for some feedback. This is a 3rd person dungeon crawler game. You play as a Warlock on a quest to save your princess Evil Lord from those no-good humans. You must defeat 5 dungeon bosses to win the game. Each defeated boss grants you an additional minion to summon in battle (5 total). Each summoned minion costs health. The Warlock slowly regenerates health over time, but player/minion damage to enemies heals the Warlock. The dungeons are spread across a hub map, The Forest. The game is made entirely from vanilla JavaScript (no libraries or frameworks or engines), HTML5, and CSS3. Game Link: Click Here To Play I've currently only completed 3 of the 5 dungeons. In ascending order of difficulty: Goblins, Elves, Nature. Not sure what Dungeon 4 enemies will be, but Dungeon 5 will be the humans who defeated your Evil Lord and defeating this dungeon will win the game. Each dungeon has 2 unique standard enemies and 1 unique boss. The Big Things To-Do List: Dungeon 4 & boss Dungeon 5 & boss Music Balancing I would like feedback in these specific areas, but all feedback is welcome: Performance Mobile/Touch Controls Game Difficulty Is it fun to play? Programmer art aside, is it visually appealing/interesting? Thank you for your time and I look forward to your feedback. Thanks! Bob
  2. I have a Phaser game created and I am able to create an updated visibility graphic object while my sprite moves. However, like in this example, and every other I have found online:, they are using an image of the thing you want to see as the 'background', and simply .mask against the visibility graphic. In my case, I do not have an image of the map as it is created through a tilemap generator, so my current code basically shows the opposite of what I am looking for: For this example, I created a test box in the bottom right of the screen that has nothing to do with the real map (I'll add the correct walls later to the visibility algorithm). I want the part that is not white to be blacked out, and the whited part to be crystal clear. I have tried creating a sprite of just black, and a sprite of just transparent, and had them .mask = visibility graphic. But this just overwrites everything else. I have taken out the most important part of the code for reference: preload () { //load assets that are specific for this level'blackness', '../../assets/images/blackness.jpg');'transparent', '../../assets/images/transparent.png'); //'yellowish', '../../assets/images/yellowish.png') } create () { this.blackness =,0,'blackness'); //this.blackness.alpha = 0.8; //this.transparent =,0,'transparent'); this.lightCanvas =,0); } update() { let visibility = this.createLightPolygon(this.currentPlayerSprite.x, this.currentPlayerSprite.y); this.lightCanvas.clear(); this.lightCanvas.beginFill(0xffffff,0.5); console.log('visibility',visibility) this.lightCanvas.moveTo(visibility[0][0],visibility[0][1]); for(let i=1;i<=visibility.length;i++){ this.lightCanvas.lineTo(visibility[i%visibility.length][0],visibility[i%visibility.length][1]); } //this.transparent.mask = this.lightCanvas; this.lightCanvas.endFill(); }
  3. I need A very simple Javascript raycasting map editor with source code I am very new to raycasting and I need a code example to be able to make my own map editor....
  4. Hi All, I've done mostly top-down and sidescroller games in the past, so I thought I'd experiment with something different. I made a wild west themed FPS using a raycasting engine called gladiator and assets from sparklinlabs. Click here to play the game. The game is still very much a work in progress. I would love some ideas on how to make the game better. Let me know if it's too easy or difficult. If the levels are too long or short, etc. Also, if you'd be interested in designing a level, let me know. It's fairly straight forward using this wall pack in Tiled. Cheers, DarkwallLKE
  5. Runnable code here: I'm using P2 physics and I'm trying to raycast to the mouse position. I've got a tilemap with physics bodies set up, and they show fine with debug draw on. However, the ray never hits any of the tile bodies, nor the player body. It only hits the top and left side of the world bounds. Screenshots attached. Is there anything obvious I'm doing wrong, or is this a bug?
  6. I want to clone what this Russian guy achieved for my game exactly but the programmer says that its not physically possible to do anything other than A* based grid movement. It's incredibly frustrating because I've seen Atari games where entities on screen can pathfind around without the need of a grid but still colliding with each other and respecting collisions with the grid, and he hasn't been able to explain to me what's so hard about pathfinding that isn't A* based because I've seen a thousand games that do it before us no problem at all. Like, how do you program pathfinding and collision like THIS?
  7. Hello, Let me present you my game. This is a Multiplayer First Person Shooter set in a fantasy context. It runs only in Firefox and Chrome/Chromium browsers or any browser that fully supports HTML 5, pointerlock and websockets. So don't try with Internet Explorer. The game uses raycasting technics and looks like wolfenstein 3D or Heretic. The server program is written in Node.js and the client is written in javascript. No framework but mine is used. The game is located here : You play a wizard with the ability to shoot magic missiles and read various scrolls. All players are fighting each other in an arena. As a wizard, you may : Read scrolls and use potions. those items grant you temporary effects like invisibility or reflection shield. Such items can be found in chest scattered throughout the arena. Basic controls : Use your mouse and keyboard (W.A.S.D) to control your character. Click on the left mouse button to shoot, click on the right mouse button to use the selected item (scroll or potion). Use the mouse wheel to select an item. Deathmatch only... Currently, the only objective is to earn points by shooting down your opponents. There may be "team deathmatch" and "capture the flag" modes in the future. Mobs : Pumpkin monsters may crawl in the arena so watch out ! They are nasty. The server : Hosted by friends of mine, the server is located in Europe and may not be optimized for network games, sorry about the high network latency you may experiment... Screenshots : Video : Game : Game Manual : I hope you'll give it a try, please post some comments or suggestions. I'm thinking about improvements on this game, but I also have others projects in mind so ... If anyone knows one thing or two about making games a little more popular I'll be happy to read some advice. Thank you.
  8. Hello everyone, i'm Jucarave and i am new to the forum. I want to share with you a project that i am developing, it is a pseudo 3D rpg that i started about a month ago, here is a screenshot and the link to the first demo: [Controls] W or Up : move straight S or Down: move back A: Strafe left D: Strafe right Q: rotate left E: rotate right SpaceBar: interact with object Use the mouse for interact with items and the interface I wrote the engine using the regular canvas without the webgl support, i want to know your opinions or any advice you may have. Greetings