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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there, I'm creating some customized materials in the materials library followed this tutorial. For each material, my work flow is something like this: 1. Create a folder in 'materialsLibrary/src/', then put 1 'ts' and 2 'fx' files in that folder(babylon.xxxMaterial.ts, xxx.vertex.fx, xxx.fragment.fx). Which is exactly followed the tutorial. 2. Once I finish, I run '$ gulp materialsLibrary' to convert all of the 3 files into one js file, then I copy&paste this js file directly into my project. My problem is: I use customized shaderIncludes in the shader codes. To make it work, I have to put these shaderIncludes in the place where the builtin includes are, but when generating the output file, these includes can't be added into the js file, so I have to also copy these includes manually into my project. Not very sure if this is the correct way to handle customized includes, is there a better way? You may ask why I need customized includes, because I want to use UBO, so I followed the variable declaration logic which the builtin shaders did( three declaration files as includes: xxxVertexDeclaration.fx, xxxUboDeclaration.fx, xxxFragmentDeclaration.fx)
  2. Hey, Coming up to everyone to clarify something about the wonderful skyMaterial from the BABYLON.js Materials Library Trying to set the skyBox mesh to "infiniteDistance = true" won't result in the skyMaterial to follow the skybox mesh's position: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#E6OZX#20 Is there a way to set the skyMaterial to infiniteDistance too ?
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