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Found 5 results

  1. I am trying to setup a Pixi particle emitter using the pixi-particle dependency. Does someone have an example scaffolding file I could use? The examples that are listed are unfortunately only for v4 and I have not been able to accurately update them to get them to work. I would want something that I could drop in an particle object from here: and then play around with to see how everything is working.
  2. Hi, I've added a particle manager to a container and created three emitters within it. The first emitter appears to inherit its position from the container as you'd expect, but the second and third emitters seem to be doing something weird in terms of positioning. I could try adding three managers each with one emitter, but was wondering if there was a reason why the three emitters in one manager doesn't work... Thanks, Gordon 'this' in the context below is the container. addEngines() { // create attached particle emitter this.particles = this.scene.add.particles('particleBlue') .setDepth(this.depth + 1); this.add(this.particles); this.emitterBottom = this.particles.createEmitter({ x: -19, y: 10, scale: { start: 0.5, end: 0 }, blendMode: 'ADD', frequency: 25, speed: 25, }); this.emitterTop = this.particles.createEmitter({ x: -19, y: -10, scale: { start: 0.5, end: 0 }, blendMode: 'ADD', frequency: 25, speed: 15, }); this.emitterFront = this.particles.createEmitter({ x: 20, y: -20, scale: { start: 0.5, end: 0 }, blendMode: 'ADD', frequency: 25, speed: 35, }); }
  3. Hi guys! I'm trying to get an emitter to explode with particles when player collides with an ammo crate in my game, and it does work, but only the first time. I put the emitter into my game like this: ammoEmiter = game.add.emitter(200, 200, 40); ammoEmiter.makeParticles('ammoParticle'); ammoEmiter.lifespan = 500; ammoEmiter.minParticleSpeed = new Phaser.Point(-400, -400); And then I explode it using: ammoEmiter.explode(); Any ideas what the problem could be? PS. I'm really loving Phaser, and this forum, too! I just started with making games and I've found answers to so many Phaser questions here, awesome! Cheers!
  4. I need to create a particle emitter that emits particles radially with a custom fade/ disappear timeout with radius. Any ideas how to do that with phaserJS ? Thanks !
  5. I'm using a particle emitter to make a snow effect like the example, but I don't want it to look like it just started snowing when my game loads (i.e., all of the flakes are at the top of the screen). So far I've come up with creating a second particle emitter that's the width and height of my game and set to explode in the first frame. I'd rather be able to "fast forward" time so that the original emitter thinks it's been running for ~20 seconds before the first frame is rendered. Is there a way to do that? Is there a better way to get the look I'm going for?