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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I load a Glft model with a loader https://bin.fuelphp.com/snippet/view/OI and later with a HTML button I change the model in the same scene with a dispose (to remove it) and reload the new. The issue is that it seem memory is not released from the previous model, on iPad tablet for exemple, the scene become very slow. After several disposes and loads safari crash out of memory. Maybe Am I wrong with the mesh capture : loader.onMeshLoaded = function (mesh) { actualMesh = mesh; }; any idea ?
  2. Hi there. I'm working on a small HTML5 game using Phaser. When I make heap snapshots, the memory stay stable between 10 and 12MB, which seems correct for me. But, on a phone, or using the Intel XDK, I can see that the memory usage is much more around 400Mb ! Other applications on my phone are using between 2 Mo and 200Mo. Never as much... I've try to remove all audio contents, but the Ram usage only decreases of 50Mo... Is somebody has an idea ? What should be the Good RAM usage value ?
  3. While developing my game, I refresh the same page many times. Though it doesn't have some complex tasks to do except Timer events, the Firefox process gets too big in allocated memory, around 1GB after 10 or more refreshes of the page. I am sure it is my game since I have it loaded alone in Firefox. What do I miss to do or should I do to clear memory that the game allocates, after each refresh? Is this connected with the browser or is there some Phaser code that is good to be implemented?
  4. Hi! I'm trying to make a simple sidescroller/endless run game with Phaser, based on this tutorial: http://html5hub.com/how-to-make-a-sidescroller-game-with-html5/ But my map are very very very big and when I start the game have a delay of 5 seconds before show the map. In the tutorial the author said: Even 70 is a bit too big. Same goes to the size of your game area. The only way to know is to try it out and if it’s laggy and slow, reduce until the game runs well. Have any alternative to make this? My map don't need to be this large, can I repeat when I arrive the end of map? Or load th
  5. What I aim to do with this blog post is set people on the right path from the get go with how image size in RAM works. I also want to provide others with the system I used to audit my image RAM and process I used to cut out inefficiencies. This should help you to get a good visual overview of which of your images are wasting the most RAM and where you can cut the fat. You can plug in the image asset list from your exported project and the sheet will give you some nice color coded information that isn't too hard on the eyes. Just click the banner above or, you can click this link too:
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