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Found 5 results

  1. Hello guys. I'm extremely happy to share with you my last challange for https://www.smarteam3d.com. Please feel free to play with it, test it, report bugs, come with suggestions. Object customization : https://www.smarteam3d.com/portfolio/car_config.html Augmented Reality: https://www.smarteam3d.com/portfolio/car_config_ar.html Thank Babylonjs for making this possible. PS: It works pretty well on mobile device too, but there i have a problem with the GUI, and I'll expose it on Questions section.
  2. Hi, I had trouble loading sounds and playing them directly at startup. I realised that the AssetManager calls the onFinish callback before loaded sounds _audioBuffer is set and are _readyToPlay. I dont know if it was a designed choice but it would be really useful either if the asset manager waited by default for the readytoplay flag to be set, or if there was an option to set when adding the job to the manager.
  3. Hello Devs, My name is Gina and I am an award winning composer and sound designer working in the game industry for the past 10 years. My team and I have created audio for projects from AAA games like Just Cause 3 to indie games like Kirin Wars, Kingdom Come Puzzle Quest as well as many other casual/social games. We are life long gamers, very easy to get along with and conduct business in a very professional manor. Where can I listen to your audio? Samples of our work and a full credit list can be found at seriallab.com What Services do you offer? Custom Music in any style/genre Virtual Instruments & Live Musicians Foley and Original Sound Design Voice Production Services FMOD, Wwise, Unity, Unreal integration We work with your team to ensure seamless integration which provides an immersive experience for the player and a stress free experience for your team. What are your rates? Our rates vary to fit each unique projects needs. Reach out to us to see how we can provide affordable audio that fits your budget. How do I contact you? We respond quickly to requests from the contact page on our website but you can also email us directly at sounddesign(a)seriallab.com Looking forward to hearing from you! Gina
  4. Hi there! I've been working on some small html5 games projects for mobile. I used Game Maker to develop them. I've been testing them on different platforms and browsers and, besides scaling problems, I have noticed the sound performance is quite erratic... it works fine in some cases, but works partially or not at all depending on the platform and/or browser. Is this a problem related to Game Maker or the HTML5 technology? Thanks, Leo
  5. Hi all! I would like to add background music to an HTML5 game. I'm using GameMaker, and its audio system is quite bad, infact with last version music doesn't play even on Firefox 24 for desktop. So I'm trying to figure out by myself how it is possible to play music in Javascript in a way that works on both desktop and mobile browsers. This is my current code: /* * Plays and loops a music file. There must be the music * files in the "html5game" directory. * There must be 2 versions of the same file: a .mp3 and a .ogg. * @param file File name WITHOUT EXTENSION!*/function html5_play_music(file){ // first of all delete the audio element if already exists var audio = document.getElementById("gameMusic"); if (audio) { audio.parentNode.removeChild(audio); } // create a new audio element audio = document.createElement("audio"); audio.setAttribute("id", "gameMusic"); audio.setAttribute("autoplay", "true"); var mp3 = document.createElement("source"); mp3.setAttribute("src", "html5game/" + file + ".mp3"); mp3.setAttribute("type", "audio/mpeg"); audio.appendChild(mp3); var ogg = document.createElement("source"); ogg.setAttribute("src", "html5game" + file + ".ogg"); ogg.setAttribute("type", "audio/ogg"); audio.appendChild(ogg);}This works fine on desktop (tried Firefox, Chrome, IE10), but it does not work on mobile (tried mobile Safari, Chrome and IE10). How can I do? I see that Premium games on marketjs correctly play music on both desktop and mobile browsers: how do they do it? Thank you in advance for your help!
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