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Found 3 results

  1. When creating a Box using BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateBox() I can pass it parameters like width, height and depth, but I don't see widthSegments, or heightSegments for example. Is there a way to do that?
  2. Hi there ! I'm trying to add a subdivision surface on a loaded json file with Three.js and SubdivisionModifier.js or BufferSubdivisionModifier.js without any result. I searched and found various code and topic but none of them worked. That's why I'm looking for help here. my code with the BufferSubdivisionModifier.js : function initMesh() { var loader = new THREE.JSONLoader(); loader.load('js/cube.json', function(cubeGeometry, materials) { cubegeometryClone = cubeGeometry.clone(); cubegeometryClone.mergeVertices(); cubegeometryClone.computeFaceNormals(); cubegeometryClone.computeVertexNormals(); var modifier = new THREE.BufferSubdivisionModifier(1); smoothCube = modifier.modify( cubegeometryClone ); mesh = new THREE.Mesh(smoothCube, new THREE.MultiMaterial(materials)); // of course cube appears if you replace smoothCube by cubeGeometry mesh.scale.x = mesh.scale.y = mesh.scale.z = 0.95; mesh.translation = cubegeometryClone.center(cubeGeometry); scene.add(mesh); }); } no errors in console my code with the SubdivisionModifier.js which is the example I found mostly : function initMesh() { var loader = new THREE.JSONLoader(); loader.load('js/cube.json', function(cubeGeometry, materials) { smooth = cubeGeometry.clone(); smooth.mergeVertices(); smooth.computeFaceNormals(); smooth.computeVertexNormals(); var modifier = new THREE.SubdivisionModifier(1); modifier.modify(smooth); // if I comment this line, cube show but, of course, with no surface smoothing mesh = new THREE.Mesh(smooth, new THREE.MultiMaterial(materials)); mesh.scale.x = mesh.scale.y = mesh.scale.z = 0.95; mesh.translation = cubeGeometry.center(cubeGeometry); scene.add(mesh); }); } console show : TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'v.x') any help will be apreciated, I'm getting mad after 2 days of tries thanks
  3. I would like to be pointed to information / resources for creating algorithms like the one illustrated on this blog, which is a subdivision of a polygon (in my case a voronoi cell) into several boxes of varying size: http://procworld.blogspot.nl/2011/07/city-lots.html In the comments a paper by among others the author of the blog can be found, however the only formula listed is about candidate location suitability: http://www.groenewegen.de/delft/thesis-final/ProceduralCityLayoutGeneration-Preprint.pdf Any language will do, but if examples can be given Javascript is preferred (as it is the language i am currently working with) A similar question is this one, only the polygon is a rectangle: http://gamedev.stackexchange.com/questions/27055/what-is-an-efficient-packing-algorithm-for-packing-rectangles-into-a-polygon I also posted this question on Stack Overflow, so if you want upvotes answer there : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19259359/subdividing-a-polygon-into-boxes-of-varying-size
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