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Found 5 results

  1. HTML5 Multiplayer typing game The game mechanics are simple, just type a word in the hexagons next to your position, and it will move and conquer that hexagon To kill others you need to be also next to them and type the word on their hexagon Its possible to move with the arrow keys (Up, Right, Bottom,Left) within your captured area horizontally and vertically You will earn points by killing, conquer territory and claiming special hexagons, you also can lose points by loosing territory There is also the possibility to ear the claimed words which is provided by the WebSp
  2. In the newest version of the phaser.d.ts the function getShortestAngle from the module Math cannot be found. It may not be defined in the file. I used this command to install it: typings install github:photonstorm/phaser/typescript/typings.json -GD
  3. Basically, I have my Phaser canvas which takes up 80% of my page and the other 80% is a chat bar on the side. My issue is, my game uses WASD controls and some other buttons to open menus. When someone goes to type in the chat box to send a message, phaser also takes the input. So if im typing a message with a bunch of W's in it, my character in the game would be moving forward. Anyone know a way around this, and not using WASD isnt an option in my case! Thanks for the help in advanced!
  4. Hello everyone, firstly I am new to Phaser, but I would really like to create a typing/educational game ! (like moon-type : http://www.wordgames.com/moon-type-2.html) I have already created a background and a caracter (the simplest stuff), but I have no idea how to create moving text blocks containing a dictionnary (although I have a .txt file with a list of all existing words), progressive difficulty and a scoring system.. I know, I'm asking a lot, but i really need help, I'm more on the actual look of the game. Please help me ! Thank you in advance.
  5. Secret Agent: Decryption is a sort of typing arcade game where the player must type the word that appears on the screen as fast as he can. The catch is that with each new word, the keyboard is scrambled and the player has to find out where all the letters were placed in order to spell the word. If he presses the wrong key or the same key twice in one word, he loses points. At the end of the game the points are totaled up and the player is assigned a spy rank. It's my first game I've made for html5. I used GameMaker: Studio, and I did all the graphics and everything myself. Here's a lin
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