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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All, I am new to Babylon.js and are trying tiledground. My problem is how to dispose some submeshes of tiledGround? I have tried like myTiledGround.subMeshes[3].dispose() but it does not work. I even tried to dispose all submeshes like for (let i = 0; i < myTiledGround.subMeshes.length; ++i) { myTiledGround.subMeshes.dispose() } And also failed. Only when I dispose the tiledGround with myTiledGround.dispose(). In the end, I choose to maintain multiple grounds and create / dispose manually.
  2. Hi Gang! Many questions. (sorry) **** Does anyone know the history-of or reason-for... During the creation of a SubMesh, it is automatically placed into the mesh.subMeshes array. Is this somewhat new? Anyone know? MY reason for wanting to know? Visit Kostar's cool Tiled Ground Tutorial... particularly playground demo #5. See line 61, where our friend is pushing newly-created subMesh into the tiledGround.subMeshes array? Well... that's no good. Inserting a console.log near line 65, reports that there are 128 subMeshes in Kostar's 64-tile ground. (double, and we know why) Here is my own clone of Kostar's demo #5 - with console.log line showing 128 count. A little adjustment to line 61, and things start working good, with a count of 64. Maybe Kostar needs a mail. Maybe auto-pushing subMesh upon creation... is a bad idea. Dunno. Anyone know any history? Is auto-pushing subMeshes... something new? Bad? Good? Thoughts? (thx)
  3. Hi, First of all, I'm new to WebGL and Babylon, so apologies for any noobisms. Basically, i'm trying my hand at an RTS, I've done a bunch of reading on Babylon and at the moment I'm just getting to grips with some of the basics. My plan is to get a very simple world in babylon that I can use to test and code some of the game mechanics. I've so far created a simple world with a heightmap and texture as per the example in the tutorials. Where I'm struggling is how to approach setting that world to a grid. So any buildings etc have to snap to grid when being placed. I'll also want to be able to detect clicks on grid squares so I can display information about what's there, resources etc. Really, I'm just looking for help with approach here. Should I be looking at a tiled ground? (I'm not sure how that would work, splitting up the height map image etc.) or should all the work be done with the detection of the mouse cursor and the grid can just be aesthetic only? Thanks for any help you can give! (p,s> I've also looked at a bunch of examples, but haven't yet found anything that does what i'm after).