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Found 5 results

  1. Hey there! I'm a little confused about the soundManager and how to properly handle the playback of sounds. What I want to do is have a master volume for music and a master volume for sfx. When fading music in and out it always goes to a volume of 1 so it does not seem to be a good idea to handle the sound volumes individually for each sound or music track. Would I set up 2 different sound managers and add all sounds in there and then control the Soundmanagers volume? I can't seem to find proper examples or tutorials on that.. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Zampano
  2. Has anyone figured out how to determine the volume of a mesh? I have a parent and child mesh in this playground, but can't figure out how to determine the volume from the vertices of the combined mesh so went with this ugly kludge, but I don't even know how to make the playground output console messages. I notice in testing that the parent mesh does have vertices saved, but I am not sure how to access them. (looks like _boundingInfo -> boundingbox -> vectors ??? ) http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1YODXL#4 I am attaching a jpg showing the object array returned in my testing ... can anyone tell me how to access the values? (and also how to make playgrounds show console.log messages?) THANKS!
  3. Hi all, I am using sound sprites to make tiny button sounds, however when I place the mute=true on the sound manager the button still plays the first time (not the following) after the system was muted. Is this a know bug? preload: function() { this.load.audio('button_press', 'button_press.wav');},create: function() { this.clickSound = new Phaser.Sound(this.game, 'button_press'); this.clickSound.play();//plays sound this.game.sound.mute = true; this.clickSound.play();//also plays sound (only the first few moments)} Thanks. phaser mute issue.zip
  4. Like all other games I have music and sound effects. However, right now I only have one volume control which changes the game.sound.volume, of course impacting all sounds. I would like to divide this into one volume control for the music and one for the sound effects. Does anyone know if this is built into Phaser somewhere? Or should I keep track of what audio objects that are music and which ones are sound effects? Is it possible to have two sound managers, one for music and one for sfx and would that even be appropriate? I'm happy for your input on the matter
  5. is it possible to change the type of material like if we want to make sprite a behave like iron, steel, wood, plastic or any other solid material type is it can be achived in p2 physics like this var rocket = game.add.sprite(4,2,'rocket'); rocket.density = 3.6; rocket.volume = 12; rocket.resistence = 12; rocket.friction = 23; and so on....! please it's very important
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