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convert models into babylon custom json format


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I have some models in the fbx and obj, and i want to convert them into babylon.js custom format, can anyone  help me on this ? am novice in the blender and tried to convert it with the given exporter, it works but the textures and camera, lights are missing, so am struggling, can you help me pls ?


Actually am having more than 20 models , which i want to show them in my website, so i decided to show them with the babylon.js, and tried online converter to convert my model and converted them successfully, but i can't import them into my babylon scene, i can't see any models on the scene


some said on this forum your model may doesn't have light,camera and so on, so i tried to fix it using blender, so i imported my fbx, obj models using blender importer and i tried my level my best, unfortunately am novice in blender so i can't


And finally here i want some one who can convert my models into working babylon format, anyone do it for me ? else given me better tutorial ,etc



That i tried all the three converters which i found for the babylon

1. Online - not working to my models (light, camera,texture issues)

2. Blender, 3ds max- not working (am novice on this)

3. Command line converter - getting same result as online converter


Thanks in advance..

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The blender route has been working for me (but I am a heavy blender user, so it is probably easier for me to troubleshoot).


I definitely had more reliable success with this route than using the online converter. perhaps at some point I'll make a video walkthrough of my process.


A couple of gotcha's I seem to recall:


-apply transformations (CTRL+A) on your models whenever you can. when i import .obj, they often need to be scaled to 0.01, and have been rotated for blender's coordinate Z-up coordinate system . this mainly helps when dealing with skeleton animations, but its probably a good practice anyway.


-add a camera and light (SHIFT + A to get the "add" menu), and make sure the camera is pointed at your object and the light is near enough to illuminate it!


-make sure any mesh has a material assigned to it. I don't know how well babylon handles multi-material objects, so maybe test with a single material to start.


-i'm just getting started in babylon (and any browser based 3d) myself. sometimes to help sniff down problems, start with very simple scenarios and work your way up to your intended use case. for example blender should create a default scene with a cube, camera and light when you launch it. try exporting this extremely simple scene to start.


good luck!

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