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What is the main defference between panda and phaser?


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Hi @user471


I think this is a hard one to answer, as a lot of the time it's a personal preference. Phaser is an awesome engine, but after trying both, I find Panda incredibly easy to use and a lot of fun.


As far as I know, Panda also has some features that Phaser doesn't have yet (I'm sure Phaser also has features that Panda doesn't).


The one that I find the most important is the hires asset loading ...


You can provide assets at a base resolution and then at @2x, @4x and so on. The device will load the correct assets depending on device.


This means that if you are working on non-pixel games, you can have high quality art without overloading the device.


Again, you should at least play with the 2 and try a simple project to help make up your mind, as I'm sure there are plenty of people that feel the same way about Phaser :)


Hope this helps.

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