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The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizzaboy needs just 3k more to reach the goal


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If this is against the rules tell me and I'll delete the post. 

[uPDATE] 2h left and they've just reached the goal! Thanks a lot if anyone shared or backed  :)

The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizzaboy is a point n click adventure game with incredible traditional 2d animation. They have already open sourced the engine. It's a general 2d/3d multitarget engine with GUI (kinda like Unity) called Godot and they will open source the adventure game specific tools as a stretch goal as well as adding voice overs and translations to languages other than English.


The Kickstarter ends in 5 hours and they need less than 3K to reach the goal. 

If you like the project it would be much appreciated if you could back it or just share the project link on twitter, facebook, etc.



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