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Found 4 results

  1. We want to bring in html5 games with new look by making 3d games. Dumadu has developed more than 100 casual games for mobiles using Unity and these are 3d games. Our team is recreating these successful games and adding new games every week. In a couple of months we are going to produce 100 html5 3d games. Anyone is interested in partnering for publishing or acquiring games or licenses, get in touch with me at arif@dumadu.com
  2. Hey all, I was wondering what you fine folk think of the platform Patreon. To be honest, I'm a little back and forth about it. It seems like a good thing and in theory would be a really cool way to fund creative endeavours that aren't designed to turn a profit, but can spur good in a variety of other ways. For some reason though accepting money via donations throws up some weird ethical issues within me that I can't quite pinpoint. Does anyone else share these feelings? I think potentially a pretty cool model could be as follows: A developer starts making some open-sou
  3. Hi everyone, Today we have launched AGF. A new £25k fund open to Indie Devs around the world. All you need in order to apply is a working prototype for us to check out. As well as financial support we're also offering mentorship from the boys at Roll7, makers of the OlliOlli Series and Nicoll Hunt, creator of FIST OF AWESOME. We don't take any IP and we don't tell you how to make your game. All the info you need is at: www.ancientgamesfund.com. Hope you guys find this useful.
  4. If this is against the rules tell me and I'll delete the post. [uPDATE] 2h left and they've just reached the goal! Thanks a lot if anyone shared or backed The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizzaboy is a point n click adventure game with incredible traditional 2d animation. They have already open sourced the engine. It's a general 2d/3d multitarget engine with GUI (kinda like Unity) called Godot and they will open source the adventure game specific tools as a stretch goal as well as adding voice overs and translations to languages other than English. The Kickstarter en
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