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Found 7 results

  1. Hey everyone! Just wanted to share our new project on Kickstarter: CODEMURAI, a mobile app to learn programming while on the ego. The app will include modules on Phaser (or perhaps Lazer, depending on what's mainly being used in 6 months or so). If you are interested in learning more and supporting this is the link: If you have any questions let me know!
  2. I've just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to make a massive Phaser course that will teach how to make 15 games and how to publish to native platforms. If you'd like to see this become a reality please support us and help spread the word Campaign:
  3. If this is against the rules tell me and I'll delete the post. [uPDATE] 2h left and they've just reached the goal! Thanks a lot if anyone shared or backed The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizzaboy is a point n click adventure game with incredible traditional 2d animation. They have already open sourced the engine. It's a general 2d/3d multitarget engine with GUI (kinda like Unity) called Godot and they will open source the adventure game specific tools as a stretch goal as well as adding voice overs and translations to languages other than English. The Kickstarter ends in 5 hours and they need less than 3K to reach the goal. If you like the project it would be much appreciated if you could back it or just share the project link on twitter, facebook, etc.
  4. Hi guys, I have been on this forum a while now and I am final ready to contribute and wow do I have a big one. My project is large in scope and requires someone with vision and skill that won't give up and will see the big picture. My goal is to create a new gaming engine that will be used to skin multiple player collectible card games. First let's talk about why I want to build this project. I have designed several games from initial idea to final completion. Some of these games had success and were able to make enough money to sustain themselves but facebook's changes pretty much killed the virality and those games died out. Here is a quick list of games I worked on: Derby Challenge (offline) - Multiplayer horse racing game where you edit your horse and race. Cartel kingdom (offline) - Farmville clone focused on selling drugs where you plan, harvest and sell drugs. Sports book boost (offline) - Sports Betting game where you bet with friends on real sports but for play money Mafia Warfare - Mafia themed multiplayer collectible card game where you collect cards, grow their strength, evolve them. - Online risk clone where you play online vs up to 8 people and try to take over the world map. - Multiplayer collectible card game where you draw your own cards and try to control different cities. My role in all of these projects was to not just come up with the ideas but develop each part of the process and actually work out how to make it fun and profitable. I am looking for a new technical partner that will help realize my new project. This person should be technically sound in html5 and understand how to create multi-player synchronous games. The framework used isn't too important to me as long as its HTML5. Here is what I bring to the table: I have learned from all of my mistakes and failures, but I am dedicated to be successful ( I will create the blueprint for the project and manage the different parts I will define the core loops and how they will be used to make the fun through work / reward cycling I will define the meta game to ensure that there is a proper long term goal to the game that will push people along pre-planned tasks and goals that will always give them something to do. I will define the monetization strategy and determine how best to make money with the game I will define the email auto response campaign to promote virality and earn new players The biggest challenge when it comes to collectible card games are the following Art - I have access to over 1500 cards in 3 sizes already pre done and ready to be used for the first game Marketing - I have worked online marketing for over 10 years and know what it takes to get users for testing and grow a game through virality. users - I have a db of 105k collectible card players that can be emailed to start off the game. What about money! I know that most of your are thinking, I don't want to do this because there is no money involved. I am a believer the best projects are the ones where dedication is the most important cost. I am father of 5 children (aged 5 to 12), I work 50 hrs a week on a major website but I know that I will spend at least 40 hrs a week on this project or more for as long as it takes to get it done. Let's talk equity There will be a payoff to this project and sharing the wealth will be fun, I am offering 20% of the business to the lucky guy that decides to work with me. Here is why I am offering 20%, I am keeping 40% for me, 20% will go to the guy that owns the cards, 20% will be sold to raise money once we have a product that is decent product. Why collectible card games Collectible card games are great because they offer great ways to sell digital products, they are a know product and most guys now have played, pokemon, yugioh or magic. The market for collectible card games is gigantic and there is always room for a new player. Here are some examples from kickstarter - Shift - - raised $21k with a goal of $7k War of Omens - - Raised $32, goal of $30k Element Soul CCG - Raised - $938, goal of $400 HEX MMO - raised $2.2M goal of $300k SHINKUKAN - raised $20k goal $20k Eminence - Raised £52k, Goal £50k Faëria - Raised $94k, Goal $70k Moby Dick - - Raised $102k, goal $25k Alteil Horizons - Raised $59k, goal $40k Now the goal isn't to start with a kickstarter campaign right away but to develop a project that will be worthy to be financed through a kickstarter after it has reached beta. Let's finaly talk about the game the engine for that I aim to create will allow us to build a battle engine for collectible card games of all kinds. It will be divided into two parts. One the meta game, this part is what needs to be done and how the game can be won. the meta game is key to pushing players along and giving them a clear goal. Part two, the battle. The battle will be quick and done fast. In mafia warfare we developed an engine that allowed us to play through a whole battle in less than 20 seconds. We copied this system from one of Zynga's old game called warstorm. Fast battle allow us to ensure that gameplay sessions can be as short or long as the user decides. So what's your choice ? Well if you have read through all of this then most likely I have gotten your attention and you want to know more. The important part to consider is this, if you are truly interested but not decicated than I know I won't be able to work with you, I work only with those that see the goal as not a task but something to dedicate yourself to. I have been living and breathing this new project and I want my partner to also have this level of dedication. The success of this project will depend only on dedication and hard work, nothing can stop a dedicated and positive person. If you made your choice then contact me today and let's get started !
  5. Hey folks. I'm running an HTML5 related kickstarter project: Thought some people here might be interested in it. If you have any questions please ask! Craig.
  6. I couldn't find a mention of this which surprised me. Lost Decade Games (who do the lostcast podcast) launched a Kickstarter for their HTML 5 game Crypt Run. They've nearly reached they're funding, but still a little push to get them over the edge. :-) You can, of course, try an early version of the game in your browser:
  7. This is a great looking app that is already really far along in development, has an already funded JavaScript export stretch goal and looks really awesome!