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Occasional stutter - SoundJS, PhaserJS or my code?


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Hey everyone,


first of all - thanks for PhaserJS. It's awesome and I love working with it.


I'm working on a game called rocklegend - which is available here:

http://rocklegend.org - currently to see the game you have to login. I created a user account for you guys to test:


Username and password: phaserjs


I optimized a few things such as the notes (only drawing a fixed amount of notes at the same time, so I have 20 notes and reuse these objects)...


But currently I can't find out why the game still feels laggy sometimes.

The notes are positioned within a Group Container and the containers y position ist updated in each update call according to the playback position of the played song.


I'm not sure if the problem is the sound library - I'm using SoundJS for the sounds - should i try lowlag maybe, or if it's my code that's not optimal...


You can find the concatenated version of the JS at http://rocklegend.org/games/note-highway/develop/player/build/game.cat.js


Any advice, hints, ideas are greatly appreciated!

Also, if you just have tips how I could try to debug this problem, that'd be great :)

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