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Game of Bombs

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Game of Bombs is multiplayer retro arcade.

Some of you remember that game, project was called "bombermine" and appeared at the top of hackernews (


Over 1.5 years, I and my small team improved the project

  • optimized code so it's possible to handle 2000 players on one map
  • added monetization based on perks/powerups ($$$)
  • added many RPGmaker skins and our own skin constructor
  • wrote our own HTML5 forum on node.js/derby.js
  • advanced game logic moved into DSL scripts based on groovy. I can adjust game mechanics in runtime
  • implemented portals (this was a triumph!) and mind-breaking topologies (hug yourself on projective plane)
  • added online tutorial
  • redesigned UI
  • improved the balance so newbies can survive often
  • added teamplay mode
  • added certificates to servers, so SSL websockets can bypass proxies
And now I believe it's time to publish it everywhere and make some money.


Technical details:


Game Server: java, netty, groovy scripts ()

Game Client: java (GWT) -> javascript

Web Interface: angular.js

Web Server: scala (Play Framework), node.js


1) example of game scripts on groovy 

Basic map

Basic tiles

looks better than json, right?

2) open-source map editor












2000 players on one map

My speech at onGameStart

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Wow, a really huge work here!

Btw, how much team members worked on your game?

3 coders (including me), artist, web-designer, community manager, game designer. Some people turned, only 3 from original team remained.

And I slowpoke, first time as a teamlead and businessman, made lots of mistakes.

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