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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys, My name is Mike and I'm from Korea. Me and 14 other guys are making a HTML5 MMORPG called "Mad World". Here's its trailer. And here's rain animation The game has all the familiar features of MMORPGs but the combat is more face-paced. It has hand-drawn artstyle like you see here. I will be posting some updates here from now on, and maybe some development tips we learn along the way. We want to be a pioneer in the area HTML5 in Korea which is still very new in the country. We want to make it available worldwide by the end of 2018, so we still have a long way to go. Any feedback is welcome by the way. Thanks and let me know what you think of the game! For more information on the game, you can visit our website: www.jandisoft.com or follow us on Facebook Twitter Youtube Here's the latest update We are throwing an in-game Halloween event next week from October 30th to November 1st. Anyone interested here's a link to the game. http://halloween.madworldmmo.com/ We will open the server during the event time. Hope we see you guys there. =) Here's a wip customization system,. Oh, and we recently opened a forum. Come by and say hello if you're interested. =)
  2. Play Link: Blob'n Pop Play Link: Blob'n Pop -------------------- UPDATE March 19, 2018: We have added an Endless Mode to the game, as was suggested in the replies below! -------------------- Hey guys, I would like to show you my newest Phaser 3 game! The gameplay takes a casual and funny approach – enter one of the three unique worlds and pop bubbles for the highest score! Art Style: For the first time I have a game where all pictures were drawn specifically for this game! I hope the worlds and their animated surroundings are enjoyable to play. Gameplay: Pop the bubbles, but don't touch the forbidden color! Get combo points by popping the same color 3x in a row. Get enough points and avdance through 3 unique worlds with funny distractions Features: Short Tutorial 3 Unique Worlds With 3 Levels Each Levels Become Increasingly Difficult Your Best Score and Your Last Score Simple Click/Touch Inputs Mobile Optimized! I hope you like the game! I created it with Phaser 3, if you find a bug or problem, please let me know. Also any feedback is much appreciated! Play Link: Blob'n Pop
  3. Game of Bombs is multiplayer retro arcade. Some of you remember that game, project was called "bombermine" and appeared at the top of hackernews (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=5291843). Over 1.5 years, I and my small team improved the project optimized code so it's possible to handle 2000 players on one mapadded monetization based on perks/powerups ($$$)added many RPGmaker skins and our own skin constructorwrote our own HTML5 forum on node.js/derby.jsadvanced game logic moved into DSL scripts based on groovy. I can adjust game mechanics in runtimeimplemented portals (this was a triumph!) and mind-breaking topologies (hug yourself on projective plane)added online tutorialredesigned UIimproved the balance so newbies can survive oftenadded teamplay modeadded certificates to servers, so SSL websockets can bypass proxiesAnd now I believe it's time to publish it everywhere and make some money. Technical details: Game Server: java, netty, groovy scripts () Game Client: java (GWT) -> javascript Web Interface: angular.js Web Server: scala (Play Framework), node.js 1) example of game scripts on groovy Basic map Basic tiles looks better than json, right? 2) open-source map editor https://github.com/ivanpopelyshev/bombermine-shuffle Screens: Videos:
  4. Greetings fellow developers, We've just released the Open Alpha of our location-aware RPG - TakeOver. We're in need of alpha testers, and I'd really appreciate you taking the time to give us some feedback, find bugs and maybe spread the word Here's the direct link to the game: takeover.to Read more here: http://www.hypeslugs.com/slugs/takeover-join-open-alpha.html There are few open issues that we know of, but please send us any suggestions, comments, as well as any bugs you might encounter at feedback@takeover.to or takeover.uservoice.com. If bugs, please add the device, operating system, browser version, as best as you can steps needed to reproduce the bug, your Facebook user id... screenshot would be awesome (we'll grant you 100 gems ) It's responsive, so give it a go on any device, especially mobile, since it's location aware. So far we've tested it on iPhone 4S, iPad 2 & Air, Blackberry Z10, Samsung Galaxy across several browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox). You can only play with Facebook now, we'll add support for Guest gameplay at one point. Thanks! Formal description of TakeOver: In TakeOver, the Red Emperor, an evil dude, has hidden the story world underneath a thing called reality. You and your Facebook friends become knights and ladies, and your major quest is to rediscover the story world by doing RPG stuff like defeating the Red Emperor’s Non-Player Characters to loot treasure chests and levelling up. Near future development plans include owning hex cell, taking over hex cells from others, and teaming up in clans to dominate the World. TakeOver is Free2Play, selling in-game virtual currency and awesome items for you and your horse (no ads or anything).
  5. "Announcing its debut title, “SteamPower1830”, the new game development studio Hexagon Game Labs is about to launch its first platform-independent free-to-play (F2P) online game. SteamPower1830 presents a challenging cross-genre mix which combines city-building, strategy and resource management elements and is set in the age of the steam trains, complete with a vibrant and evocative, freely configurable miniature world. The game is based on Hexagon Game Labs’ proprietary Ubique Game Engine, with HTML5 technology allowing it to run on any device, from PCs and tablets to smartphones and smart TVs." http://benchmarkreviews.com/2320/hexagon-game-labs-steampower1830-f2p-online-game-debuts/
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